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visual novel

ビジュアルノベル (also called ノベルゲーム, "novel game")
A style of game that mainly consists of text (both dialogues and narrative) over a background image. Many games have the player make choices that affect the outcome of the story.

This tag is for:

  • Screenshots from this type of game that include the text box. (For the background image with no text box, use the tag game cg.)
  • Fake screenshot images that are done in this style.

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3d absurdres arsenixc background car city commentary crate door ground_vehicle highres letterboxed love_money_rock'n'roll motor_vehicle night no_humans outdoors road scenery shop sign signature street vending_machine visual_novel vvcephei
1girl azumaya_(miyui001) bat_hair_ornament bikini blush breasts cleavage fake_screenshot food food_in_mouth gabriel_dropout hair_ornament hair_rings kurumizawa_satanichia_mcdowell looking_at_viewer off_shoulder pool popsicle purple_eyes red_hair solo sweat swimsuit translation_request visual_novel
1girl animal_ears blue_dress blue_hair bunny_ears commentary_request dialogue_box dress ear_clip fake_screenshot forest hachi_(chihagura) hand_to_own_mouth long_hair looking_at_viewer nature outdoors red_eyes seiran_(touhou) short_sleeves solo touhou translation_request tree upper_body visual_novel
1girl arch arms_behind_back blush brick_wall brown_hair ceiling closed_eyes commentary_request cowboy_shot dress fake_screenshot hallway headgear heart kantai_collection kyak_bamboo neckerchief open_mouth round_teeth sailor_collar sailor_dress school_uniform serafuku short_hair smile solo teeth translated visual_novel yellow_neckwear yukikaze_(kantai_collection)