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garrison cap

A foldable cap with straight sides and a creased or hollow crown sloping to the back where it is parted. When viewed forward the cap has a triangular shape.
Example: post #347924 and post #243345

Garrison cap wearers

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2girls antenna_hair beret blonde_hair bound_legs braid cammy_white decapre elina_kuroe_no_daarin garrison_cap hat legs_together leotard lips lipstick long_hair lying makeup multiple_girls on_back pantyhose ribbed_leotard scar street_fighter tied_up translation_request twin_braids you_gonna_get_raped yuri
1girl arm_blade blonde_hair blood blood_splatter braid breasts decapre elina_kuroe_no_daarin fighting_stance garrison_cap hat long_hair mask necktie red_eyes ribbed_leotard solo street_fighter twin_braids ultra_street_fighter_iv weapon
1girl alternate_costume armband ass blonde_hair blood blood_on_face blood_splatter blue_eyes braid cammy_white elina_kuroe_no_daarin fighting_stance fingerless_gloves garrison_cap gloves hat leotard long_hair ribbed_leotard scar solo street_fighter street_fighter_zero thong_leotard twin_braids
1girl armband blonde_hair boots braid decapre fighting_stance fingerless_gloves full_body garrison_cap gloves hat knee_boots leotard long_hair mask necyda pantyhose pink_background red_eyes ribbed_leotard shoulder_pads solo street_fighter twin_braids