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matara okina


The Ultimate, Absolute Secret God

Touhou character introduced as the stage 6 boss and extra stage boss in Hidden Star in Four Seasons.

She has long, blonde hair and yellow eyes. She wears a tabard with constellations accompanied by a green skirt and boots. Her clothes feature long and wide sleeves. Her Stage 6 portrait depicts her suspending a drum in midair while sitting on a chair. She is also depicted with a flaming aura. Her hat has three points.

Okina is a hidden god and with a wide range of public faces, those being an Earth mother goddess, a god of noh, a god of stars, a god of silkworm breeding, a god of hindrances, a god of discriminated peoples, et cetera. As one of the Sages of Gensoukyou, she protects Gensoukyou from the Outside World. Her servants are Teireida Mai and Nishida Satono. She is based on Matarajin, a Buddhist deity. Her abilities let her create doors on the back of anything, hence she is sometimes depicted in fanworks with doors.

She bears a striking resemblance to Junko from Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom, and her abilities and position are similar to those of Yukari.

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