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kusanagi motoko


Major Kusanagi Motoko (草薙 素子) is the main character of the Ghost In The Shell series.

Major Kusanagi is the serious and very competent squad leader of Public Security Section 9's counter-terrorist and anti-crime unit.

She is a full body cyborg with short hair with long sidelocks. Her hair color changes from series to series; from blue in the original manga (and Arise), black in the movies, to purple in S.A.C. Her eye color also changes, being blue (movies) or red depending on the show. She is often seen wearing a pink leotard with pink thighhighs, black battle armor, or a yellow officer's uniform.

The Major is an expert in systems hacking, infiltration, close quarters combat, martial arts, and is extremely proficient with many types of ballistic weapons.

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