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kaban (kemono friends)

かばん かばんちゃん さばんなコンビ

The protagonist of anime Kemono Friends. She never appeared in the game or the manga adaptation. Voiced by Uchida Aya.

As she doesn't know who (or what) she is, she is named after the backpack that she wears, with her name literally meaning bag.

She wears a tattered bucket hat with a feather in it over her short black wavy hair that comes down between her black eyes. Her clothing includes a red shirt, shorts and black gloves.

In the course of the anime, she learns that her species is Homo Sapiens Sapiens a.k.a. human

She is also, in fact, a "Friend". She came into being when Sandstar came in contact with a hair on what was once Mirai's hat. The fact that she is human comes into play in the fight with the Black Cerulean. By removing the Sandstar from her body, she was supposed to have her human attributes removed and thus stop being a "Friend". The only reason why she survived inside the Black Cerulean is that she is human to begin with. Due to this loophole she seems to still be a Friend, as her "fur" (clothing) is seen regenerating throughout the final episode of the first season.

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