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horikawa kunihiro

堀川国広 兼堀

Touken Ranbu character.

Both he and Izumi-no-Kami Kanesada are personifications of swords that belonged to Hijikata Toshizou. He as a character is named after his swordsmith, as the sword he was based on went unnamed. Due to an issue of disarmament, he was one of the 200,000 swords confiscated and dumped at sea. Only about 5600 were recovered, but his whereabouts were unknown and it is unlikely he's still around to this day.

He is Izumi-no-Kami's self-proclaimed assistant and is very loyal to him. Described as being very "wife-like", since he enjoys doing domestic chores such as cleaning and laundry. Fanon exaggerates this to portray him as either Izumi-no-kami's fanboy, his servant, or his lover. Most fanarts have him be the aggressive party in their relationship however.

During his Kiwame training, he infiltrates the Shinsengumi in order to train under his former master. He learned of why he and Izumi-no-Kami were chosen by Hijikata, and began to contemplate what meaning a "famous" sword had considering his humble origins. As he trains in the Shinsengumi, he realizes that it's the fact that most fights and attacks in this era were done primarily with swords that gives them meaning. He appreciates the Saniwa for giving him that meaning back when he was revived to fight the revisionists, and now has the resolve to do his best for his partner's and the Saniwa's sake in a time they're needed again.

Major player in Katsugeki/Touken Ranbu.

Voiced by Enoki Jun'ya. Artist is Shiramine.

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