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spaghetti strap

A very thin type of shoulder strap typically found on camisoles and other feminine top wear. Note that the spaghetti strap is not a top in and of itself, but describes a thin strap used on various top styles.

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1girl :d blue_hair breasts bridal_veil cleavage dress highres holographic_interface mai_waifu_(shinkai_no_valkyrie) open_mouth outstretched_arm purple_eyes shinkai_no_valkyrie smile spaghetti_strap thighhighs twintails usaginezumi veil white_legwear
1girl 286c armpits arms_up blonde_hair breasts cleavage dutch_angle forehead_jewel highres huge_breasts long_hair nightgown pointy_ears princess_zelda sideboob solo spaghetti_strap the_legend_of_zelda tiara zelda_musou
1girl blush collarbone dress elbow_gloves globe gloves green_eyes green_hair hair_ribbon hatsune_miku holding kojiki-life long_hair ribbon solo spaghetti_strap star_(sky) twintails very_long_hair vocaloid