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spaghetti strap

A very thin type of shoulder strap typically found on camisoles and other feminine top wear. Note that the spaghetti strap is not a top in and of itself, but describes a thin strap used on various top styles.

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1girl belly_peek breasts cleavage hair_intakes hair_ribbon hand_on_hip jacket_on_shoulders leafmonarch long_hair midriff navel open_fly over_shoulder ponytail purple_hair red_eyes ribbon sheath sheathed solo spaghetti_strap sword tank_top under_night_in-birth unzipped weapon weapon_over_shoulder yuzuriha
1girl armpits arms_up blush breasts circle_cut cleavage headphones ishikawa_kuma_yarou jewelry large_breasts long_hair looking_at_viewer necklace nitroplus skindentation smile solo spaghetti_strap super_sonico tank_top
3girls antenna_hair armpits arms_up black_hair brown_hair confetti congratulations denim drill_hair fist_pump flat_chest graduation grin hair_ornament hairclip jc jeans long_hair multiple_girls open_mouth original pointy_ears sign skirt smile spaghetti_strap twin_drills twintails white_hair