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Cosplay (short for "costume play") refers to real people dressing up as fictional characters. This is somewhat similar to Halloween costumes, but a good cosplay outfit is far more elaborate.

This tag is also used to refer to fictional characters who are dressed as other characters from a different anime/manga/game/etc.

Photos should only be tagged with the character being cosplayed and photo. In the case of anime characters cosplaying other characters, add a xxx_(cosplay) tag. For example, if you have a drawing of Remilia cosplaying as Reimu, you should use the following tags:

Adding the tag hakurei_reimu_(cosplay) will automatically add the tags hakurei_reimu and cosplay for you (see help:autotags).

Note: Besides adding the cosplay tags, ensure to also tag the associated copyrights that go along with the character being cosplayed.

See also

The following tags implicate this tag: kigurumi, costume_switch (learn more).

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