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oikawa shizuku


及川 雫

An [email protected] Cinderella Girls character in the Passion (Yellow Sun) category. A 16 year old farmer, she is especially notable for her very large chest. Compared to Miura Azusa, the largest in the main [email protected] games at 91cm, Shizuku wields a 105cm bust.

Her seiyuu is Noguchi Yuri [のぐち ゆり].

  • Age: 16
  • Height: 170 cm
  • Weight: 56 kg
  • Three sizes: 105-64-92
  • Blood type: O
  • Birthday: June 3
  • Horoscope: Gemini
  • Hobbies: Milking, driving tractors
  • Writing Hand: Ambidextrous
  • Hometown: Iwate

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