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aerial fireworks

A type of firework that consists of large, often colorful explosions in the night sky (when it's most visible). Often used during festivals and celebrations.

This tag implicates fireworks.

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1girl aerial_fireworks alternate_costume animal_ears blurry depth_of_field fan fang fireworks floral_print inubashiri_momiji japanese_clothes kimono korouru_0109 lantern lantern_festival looking_at_viewer no_hat obi open_mouth paper_fan paper_lantern red_eyes sash short_hair solo touhou uchiwa white_hair wolf_ears yukata
2girls aerial_fireworks aqua_eyes blonde_hair fireworks ichiroku japanese_clothes long_hair multiple_girls original purple_eyes red_hair short_hair
1boy :o aerial_fireworks aqua_eyes bag blonde_hair fire_flower_(vocaloid) fireworks headphones hoodie kagamine_len letterboxed male messenger_bag power_lines revision shoulder_bag solo tama_(songe) vocaloid
5girls aerial_fireworks architecture armpits ascot ashiyama_yoshinori bare_shoulders bat_wings blonde_hair blue_eyes blue_hair bow braid brooch brown_hair candy cirno covering_head crossed_legs detached_sleeves dress east_asian_architecture fang fire fireworks flandre_scarlet fox_mask frown grin hair_bow hair_tubes hakurei_reimu hat highres jewelry kirisame_marisa lantern leaning_forward lion_dance lollipop looking_at_viewer looking_away looking_back mask multiple_girls open_mouth outdoors payot remilia_scarlet ribbon sarashi short_sleeves sign single_braid sitting skirt skirt_set smile touhou wings witch_hat yellow_eyes yin_yang