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too bad! it was just me!


A 2ch visual meme mainly related to Ikeda Kana and Miki Sayaka.

  • Original version: エロ画像(か)と思った? 残念! 華菜ちゃんでした! (Ero Gazou ka to Omotta? Zannen! Kana-chan Deshita! / Did you think this image would be a porn or something? Too bad! It was Kana-chan!)
  • Popular version: 可愛い女の子かと思った? 残念! さやかちゃんでした! (Kawaii Onnanoko ka to Omotta? Zannen! Sayaka-chan Deshita! / "Will it be a cute girl," you wondered? Too bad, it was Sayaka-chan!)

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