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albert wesker

Power-hungry, knowledgeable and cunning, Albert Wesker (アルバート・ウェスカー) was a man who sought power and domination over the entire human race, all for his own gain. To this end, he was affiliated with the Umbrella Corporation, as one of its most promising researchers, and at the same time participated in illicit activities by going undercover as an officer in the RPD and the leader of S.T.A.R.S. in Raccoon City.

Through the course of much betrayal of his allies to further his own plans, Wesker faked his death, gained superhuman powers from an experimental virus, and worked alongside both the mysterious "Organization" and Tricell, Inc. He would eventually enact a plot, originally created by Ozwell E. Spencer, to transform the human race into powerful superhumans like himself, and be a god to rule over them and a new age.

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