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bili girl 33

Bili娘33号 (Bili Girl No.33) / 33娘 (33 Girl)

Little sister of 'Bili Girl' siblings, the official bilibili (douga) mascots, though she is an android.
She has no official name yet. She was entry no 33 in the official mascot characters competition. Designed by auer.

Age: 13~14
Height: 146cm
Weight: 200kg (Well, she is a robot girl)
Attribute: None
Ability: 3D projection, voice imitations
Physical features: Plug-shaped tail, 3D video projector on her forehead
Likes: Elder sister, Billy Herrington, absent-mindedness
Dislikes: Portable video players ~her opponents, rats, the cold, R-18
Hobby: Chewing on power strips in case of charge, muttering four-letter words in American English
Personality: Silent, cool, calm and collected. Sometimes displays her dark persona and yandere personality.

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