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bili girl 22

Bili娘22号 22娘

Elder sister of 'Bili Girl' siblings, the official bilibili (douga) mascots, but has no official name yet.
She was entry no 22 in the official mascot characters competition. Designed by hao (patinnko).

Age: 16
Height: 160~162cm
Weight: 48kg (Unlike her little.sisters, Shd has same weight as humans)
Measurements: B:78 W:57 H:81 (cm)
Attribute: Thunder
Zodiac: Libra
Ability: To electrify targets
Constitution: Continual electrical discharge
Likes: Little sister, Anime, Comics and Games
Dislikes: Taking someone's orders, horror and guro
Hobby: Inventions and modifications
Personality: Energetic, bright and cheerful like the sun, but a bit careless.
Pet: 小电视 (MiniTV)

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