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bad reflection

A specific type of error where the reflection in a mirror (or other reflective surface) doesn't match up with what it should be.

If the reflected image is different on purpose, then use different_reflection.

This tag implicates reflection.

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1girl ana_(rznuscrf) bad_reflection blonde_hair blue_eyes flower from_above hat lily_pad lotus moriya_suwako reflection short_hair solo torii touhou water wide_sleeves
2girls absurdres aoki_hagane_no_arpeggio ark_performance bad_reflection bare_shoulders blue_eyes blue_hair book brown_hair cable cookie eating food hair_ornament hair_ribbon hairband hairclip high_heels highres hyuuga_(aoki_hagane_no_arpeggio) labcoat long_hair mole monocle mouth_hold multiple_girls official_art pantyhose payot personification reading reflection ribbon scan shoes skirt takao_(aoki_hagane_no_arpeggio) thighhighs translation_request turtleneck very_long_hair yellow_eyes
2girls amagami argyle argyle_legwear ayatsuji_tsukasa ayatsuji_yukari bad_reflection black_eyes black_hair black_legwear book couch error highres holding holding_book long_hair looking_at_viewer mirror multiple_girls pantyhose reflection santa_(sunflower) siblings sisters sitting skirt thighhighs yokozuwari
1girl arrow bad_reflection barefoot blue_eyes bow_(weapon) bunny feet flower hat highres holding long_hair long_legs neko_(yanshoujie) nurse_cap reflection silver_hair sitting solo touhou tree very_long_hair weapon yagokoro_eirin