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they're not panties

"They're not panties, so it's not embarrassing!"

A "booster" line in Strike Witches wherein the speaker tells the listeners to forget that their underwear is exposed or treat their underwear as if they are wearing something over them, probably to put their focus on their job instead.

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1girl ass blush brown_eyes brown_hair hat kantai_collection looking_at_viewer looking_back onaka_sukisuki panties personification sailor_hat shirt_tug short_hair simple_background solo they're_not_panties translated underwear white_background white_panties z3_max_schultz_(kantai_collection)
1girl animal_ears bike_shorts blush brown_eyes brown_hair cameltoe cat_ears cat_tail chen earrings gaoo_(frpjx283) hat highres jewelry open_mouth red_skirt skirt solo spread_legs tail they're_not_panties touhou translated
1girl anger_vein blush breasts covering covering_crotch embarrassed eyepatch gloves headgear kantai_collection kichi8 large_breasts monochrome necktie no_pants open_mouth personification short_hair solo tears tenryuu_(kantai_collection) they're_not_panties thighhighs translated
1girl animal_ears ass black_legwear blonde_hair blush cat_ears cat_tail crotch_seam fang glasses long_hair looking_at_viewer looking_back ogitsune_(ankakecya-han) panties panties_under_pantyhose pantyhose perrine_h_clostermann solo strike_witches tail they're_not_panties translated underwear yellow_eyes