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down blouse

Downblouse is a position where one can see down a female's shirt, usually to see the bosom and/or cleavage of said female. Not limited to actual blouses/shirts, the tag also applies to other garments that offer similar views.

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1girl :o ball beach beachball bent_over bikini brown_eyes butt_crack collarbone down_blouse flower frilled_bikini frills full_body hair_flower hair_ornament idolmaster idolmaster_million_live! jewelry looking_at_viewer makabe_mizuki mimizubare necklace open_mouth purple_hair sandals short_hair small_breasts solo sparkle swimsuit toenail_polish white_bikini white_swimsuit
2girls akebono_(kantai_collection) beach blue_eyes blue_hair blue_legwear breasts cleavage dated down_blouse hair_ornament i-58_(kantai_collection) kantai_collection kneehighs long_hair mouth_hold multiple_girls pink_eyes pink_hair pleated_skirt popsicle school_swimsuit school_uniform serafuku short_hair side_ponytail sitting skirt swimsuit swimsuit_under_clothes toro very_long_hair
1girl alternate_headwear areola_slip areolae barefoot book book_stack breasts character_doll cleavage collarbone crescent_hair_ornament doll down_blouse fireplace flame glasses hair_ornament hair_ribbon hairband highres kirisame_marisa lamp large_breasts leaning_forward long_hair looking_at_viewer neck_ribbon nemo_(leafnight) patchouli_knowledge purple_eyes purple_hair ribbon solo strap_slip touhou tress_ribbon very_long_hair