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down blouse

Downblouse is a position where one can see down a female's shirt, usually to see the bosom and/or cleavage of said female. Not limited to actual blouses/shirts, the tag also applies to other garments that offer similar views.

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1boy 1girl :d arm_ribbon breasts brown_hair butterfly cameltoe cleavage down_blouse girl_on_top green_eyes grinding hair_ornament hanging_breasts hapymaher koku long_hair open_mouth panties short_sleeves single_thighhigh smile straddling thighhighs toriumi_arisu underwear
animal_ears armpits breasts dark_skin down_blouse highres nipple_slip nipples yakibuta_(shimapow)
1girl alternate_costume and black_hair breasts cleavage down_blouse dress eyepatch from_above huge_breasts kantai_collection looking_at_viewer looking_up open_mouth short_hair solo sundress tenryuu_(kantai_collection) yellow_eyes
1girl and black_hair breasts cleavage down_blouse eyepatch from_above huge_breasts kantai_collection looking_up open_mouth short_hair solo tenryuu_(kantai_collection) yellow_eyes