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green dam

绿坝娘 (lǜ bà niáng)
"Green Dam Girl" is a personification of the Chinese government's filtering software "绿坝·花季护航 (Luba Huaji Huhang, Green Dam Youth Escort)".

At first, her figure resembled Kawashiro Nitori. But later, her various designs appeared. In most versions, she wears a hat with the symbol of '河蟹 (hexie, River crab)' .

She has regionally various names. If you're searching for her pictures in Pixiv, try all these tag names:

  • Simplified Chinese: 绿坝娘 (Lu ba niang) or 格林达姆 (Green Dam) or 绿⑧ (Lu ba)
  • Traditional Chinese: 綠壩娘 (Lu ba niang)
  • Japanese: 緑bar娘 or 緑bar子 (Lu ba niang) or グリーンダム (Green Dam) or グリーンダムたん (Green dam-tan)
  • English: Green Dam Girl

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