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A heavy stick intended for use as a weapon.
Seems to be a popular weapon with oni based artwork.

For the playing card symbol, use club_(shape).

Do not use with the juggling_club tag as "club" implies weapon.

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This tag implicates weapon (learn more).

The following tags implicate this tag: kanabou, spiked_club (learn more).

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1girl armor bangs bare_legs club commentary_request dungeon_meshi eyebrows_visible_through_hair full_body grey_border hair_over_shoulder highleg holding holding_weapon horns inutade_(dungeon_meshi) japanese_armor japanese_clothes kanabou kusazuri light_smile long_legs looking_at_viewer low_twintails mole mole_under_eye muneate no_socks oni oni_horns panties ponte purple_eyes purple_hair sandals sode solo spiked_club standing standing_on_one_leg thick_thighs thighs toes twintails underwear upskirt weapon white_background white_panties wide_hips
1girl alternate_costume alternate_skin_color armlet bangs black_eyes black_hair blood blurry blurry_background blush bokeh breasts choker club cowboy_shot dark_skin day depth_of_field feathers from_side hair_feathers hand_on_hip highres hip_bones holding holding_weapon jewelry jungle kantai_collection loincloth long_hair looking_at_viewer medium_breasts mikuma_(kantai_collection) nature navel necklace nipples open_mouth outdoors parted_bangs partially_visible_vulva perky_breasts smile solo standing tan topless torpedo tribal twintails wa_(genryusui) weapon wristband
4girls akagi_(kantai_collection) animal_print bandana black_eyes black_hair blush breast_hold breasts brown_eyes brown_hair cleavage closed_eyes club crossed_arms embarrassed front-tie_bikini front-tie_top hand_on_own_chest hiryuu_(kantai_collection) kaga_(kantai_collection) kanabou kantai_collection kiryu_naoto long_hair looking_at_viewer looking_away medium_breasts multiple_girls navel nose_blush oni oni_horns open_mouth remodel_(kantai_collection) sarong scratching_cheek setsubun short_hair side_ponytail smile souryuu_(kantai_collection) striped striped_background thigh_gap tiger_print translation_request twintails weapon
2girls akagi_(kantai_collection) anger_vein angry animal_print bikini black_hair breasts brown_eyes brown_hair club holding holding_weapon kaga_(kantai_collection) kanabou kantai_collection kiryu_naoto long_hair medium_breasts multiple_girls navel oni oni_horns open_mouth sarong setsubun shaded_face side_ponytail spiked_club sweatdrop swimsuit tiger_print translation_request weapon worried