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A heavy stick intended for use as a weapon.
Seems to be a popular weapon with oni based artwork.

For the playing cards symbol, use clubs.

Do not use with the juggling_club tag as "club" implies weapon.

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This tag implicates weapon.

The following tags implicate this tag: kanabou, spiked_club.

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1girl alternate_costume bandages breasts club double_bun highres ibaraki_kasen ibuki_notsu oni pink_hair short_hair spiked_club thighhighs tiger_stripes touhou weapon yellow_legwear
1girl azuki_(azki0214dai_z) bandeau bare_shoulders black_hair breasts club eyepatch fangs front-tie_top highres horns long_hair looking_down oni original petals red_eyes red_legwear smile solo spiked_club thigh_gap thighhighs underboob weapon wide_hips
1girl brown_hair club green_eyes highres japanese_clothes kimono kou_mashiro long_hair long_sleeves original ribbon-trimmed_legwear ribbon_trim simple_background solo thighhighs weapon white_background white_legwear zettai_ryouiki
1girl :d absurdres between_breasts black_legwear blonde_hair boots bow breasts brown_eyes chain cleavage club collar dress hair_bow highres kore_wa_zombie_desu_ka? kyouko_(kore_wa_zombie_desu_ka?) leaning_forward muririn open_mouth pantyhose skirt smile spiked_club two_side_up weapon