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  • 4girls akagi_(kantai_collection) apron blush blush_stickers bow butler closed_eyes comic cup dress formal frilled_dress frills greyscale kaga_(kantai_collection) kantai_collection long_hair long_sleeves maid maid_apron maid_headdress monochrome multiple_girls necktie open_mouth opening_door pants puffy_short_sleeves puffy_sleeves sakimiya_(inschool) short_sleeves shoukaku_(kantai_collection) side_ponytail sidelocks sliding_doors sparkle suit tea teacup translated twintails wrist_cuffs younger zuikaku_(kantai_collection)
    4girls ahoge armpit_peek bangs bare_shoulders battleship black_hair blue_eyes blush boots breasts bridge brown_eyes brown_hair brown_legwear cherry_blossoms cleavage closed_eyes collarbone commentary_request cup detached_sleeves devildogs dock double_bun epaulettes eyebrows_visible_through_hair flipped_hair from_above from_side glasses green-framed_eyewear green_skirt hair_between_eyes hair_ornament hairband hairclip hand_on_own_chest haruna_(kantai_collection) head_tilt headgear hiei_(kantai_collection) holding holding_cup holding_headgear holding_saucer japanese_clothes kantai_collection kirishima_(kantai_collection) kongou_(kantai_collection) large_breasts long_hair looking_at_viewer looking_away military military_vehicle multiple_girls nontraditional_miko ocean open_mouth parted_bangs parted_lips petals plaid remodel_(kantai_collection) saucer ship short_hair sidelocks sitting skirt smile solo standing tea teacup thigh_boots thighhighs thighs tree warship watercraft zettai_ryouiki
    2girls 4koma =_= ^_^ ^o^ ark_royal_(kantai_collection) blonde_hair blue_eyes braid closed_eyes comic commentary corset crown food fruit green_tea hairband highres ido_(teketeke) kantai_collection kotatsu long_hair mandarin_orange mini_crown multiple_girls open_mouth red_hair red_ribbon ribbon shaded_face short_hair single_braid smile speech_bubble table table_flip tea tiara translated warspite_(kantai_collection) white_corset
    1girl ascot autumn_leaves bat_wings blue_hair brooch chair cup day dish frilled_shirt frilled_shirt_collar frilled_sleeves frills hat hat_ribbon highres jewelry lavender_hair mary_janes mob_cap pastry puffy_short_sleeves puffy_sleeves red_eyes red_ribbon remilia_scarlet ribbon shirt shoes short_hair short_sleeves sitting skirt skirt_set solo spoon table tea teacup touhou tree wings wrist_cuffs zhangx
    1girl bangs blonde_hair bow commentary_request cup dress dress_shirt green_eyes grey_background hairband highres hips idolmaster idolmaster_cinderella_girls open_mouth pouring red_dress red_hairband ryuu. sakurai_momoka saucer shirt short_hair simple_background smile solo tea teacup wavy_hair
    1boy alternate_costume blush cosplay european_clothes fire_emblem fire_emblem_if fire_emblem_musou formal gloves grey_hair highres jewelry joker_(fire_emblem_if) joker_(fire_emblem_if)_(cosplay) male_focus ponytail red_eyes suit takumi_(fire_emblem_if) tea
    3girls :o alternate_costume animal_ears asarokuji ass assassin_(fate/prototype_fragments) bangs bare_shoulders bent_over black_hair blue_eyes blue_skirt blunt_bangs blush bouncing_breasts breasts bunny_ears cleavage cropped_legs cup dark_skin detached_collar detached_sleeves elbow_gloves enmaided eyebrows_visible_through_hair facial_mark fate/grand_order fate_(series) flying_sweatdrops frilled_sleeves frills from_behind gloves hair_rings highres holding holding_cup large_breasts long_hair long_sleeves looking_back low-tied_long_hair maid maid_headdress miniskirt motion_lines multiple_girls nitocris_(fate/grand_order) open_mouth panties pantyshot pantyshot_(standing) parted_lips purple_eyes purple_hair saucer simple_background skirt smile standing strapless tareme tea teacup teapot translation_request underwear upper_body very_long_hair white_background white_gloves white_panties xuanzang_(fate/grand_order)
    1boy 3girls :d admiral_(azur_lane) ahoge akagi_(azur_lane) anchor animal_ears azur_lane black_hair blue_eyes blush breasts censored cleavage comic commentary_request cup eyeliner fox_ears fox_tail h_(hhhhhh4649) hair_bun hair_tubes hat holding illustrious_(azur_lane) kitsune large_breasts logo long_hair makeup military military_uniform multiple_girls multiple_tails naval_uniform open_mouth peaked_cap purple_hair red_eyes side_bun side_ponytail smile tail tea teacup translation_request tri_tails unicorn_(azur_lane) uniform white_hair
    1boy 1girl :d blush braid breasts butterfly_hair_ornament cleavage cleavage_cutout comic cross cross_necklace cup detached_sleeves drooling elf fangs french_braid greyscale hair_ornament jewelry long_hair monochrome necklace open_mouth orc original pointy_ears smile sweat tea teacup teapot tomokichi translation_request trembling
    1girl :d alternate_costume azur_lane bangs bare_arms bare_shoulders bell black_gloves black_legwear blue_dress blue_eyes blunt_bangs blush breasts checkered checkered_background cleavage collarbone criss-cross_halter cup dress drink eyebrows_visible_through_hair flower glint gloves hair_flower hair_ornament hair_rings halter_dress halterneck holding holding_cup illustrious_(azur_lane) large_breasts long_hair looking_at_viewer low_twintails maru_(sw1tch) one_side_up open_mouth pearl plate purple_rose rose shiny shiny_hair shiny_skin silver_hair sitting sleeveless sleeveless_dress smile solo table tareme tea teacup thighhighs twintails
    1girl arms_up bangs birthday_card black_skirt blurry bokeh braid closed_mouth collared_shirt commentary_request cup depth_of_field drinking_cup green_jacket green_tea hair_between_eyes happy_birthday highres holding holding_cup idolmaster idolmaster_cinderella_girls jacket kusano_shinta lens_flare light_brown_hair long_hair long_sleeves looking_at_viewer necktie on_chair pencil_skirt pov school_uniform senkawa_chihiro shirt single_braid sitting skirt smile solo tea white_shirt wing_collar yellow_neckwear
    1girl assam bench birthday black_legwear blonde_hair bow commentary cup dated from_above girls_und_panzer hair_bow happy_birthday highres loafers long_hair looking_at_viewer looking_up necktie pantyhose pigeon-toed purple_eyes sasaki_akira_(ugc) school_uniform shoes sitting solo sweater tea
    1girl bangs black_ribbon blush bow chibi closed_mouth commentary_request cup eyebrows_visible_through_hair floral_print hair_between_eyes hair_ribbon japanese_clothes kimono long_sleeves looking_at_viewer obi original print_kimono purple_bow purple_eyes purple_hair purple_kimono ribbon sash sitting smile solo steam tea two_side_up white_background white_legwear wide_sleeves xia_xiang_(ozicha) yunomi zabuton
    2girls :d :o adjusting_hair alternate_costume alternate_hair_length alternate_hairstyle arm_at_side bag bangs black_footwear black_legwear black_ribbon black_shirt blue_eyes blue_hair blue_ribbon blue_skirt blurry blurry_background breasts brown_dress casual chair character_name cup detached_sleeves directional_arrow dress earrings english eyebrows_visible_through_hair frilled_dress frilled_shirt frills full_body hair_ornament hair_ribbon hand_in_hair hand_up handbag head_tilt heart holding holding_bag holding_cup jewelry legs_apart long_hair long_sleeves looking_at_viewer mary_janes medium_breasts medium_skirt multiple_girls open_mouth pantyhose photo_(object) pleated_skirt ram_(re:zero) re:zero_kara_hajimeru_isekai_seikatsu rem_(re:zero) ribbon shiino_sera shirt shoes siblings sisters sitting skirt sleeves_past_wrists smile socks standing stuffed_toy table tareme tea teacup twins upper_body very_long_hair white_legwear x_hair_ornament
    1girl absurdres bangs blush bow bowtie brown_eyes brown_hair closed_mouth crown dress eyebrows_visible_through_hair food fruit hanami_dango_(zzldango) high_heels highres holding ice ice_cube iced_tea in_food long_hair looking_at_viewer mini_crown minigirl orange orange_slice original personification pink_dress pinky_out puffy_short_sleeves puffy_sleeves red_footwear red_neckwear short_sleeves sitting smile solo spoon tea
    2boys book cup fire_emblem fire_emblem:_kakusei fireplace holding holding_book indoors krom male_my_unit_(fire_emblem:_kakusei) multiple_boys my_unit_(fire_emblem:_kakusei) reading sitting smile tea teacup white_hair xin_(24914)
    1girl ahoge artoria_pendragon_(all) blonde_hair blue_ribbon blue_sweater braid cosplay cup darjeeling darjeeling_(cosplay) dress_shirt fate/stay_night fate_(series) french_braid fumika_asano girls_und_panzer green_eyes hair_ribbon long_sleeves looking_at_viewer necktie revision ribbon saber saucer school_uniform shirt short_hair signature simple_background smile solo st._gloriana's_school_uniform steam sweater tea teacup upper_body v-neck white_background wing_collar
    3girls all_fours angry attack bangs blank_eyes blonde_hair braid cup darjeeling delinquent epaulettes eyebrows_visible_through_hair face_mask flag girls_und_panzer giving_up_the_ghost grimace in_the_face jacket kitayama_miuki long_sleeves mask military military_uniform multiple_girls nunchaku o3o orange_hair orange_pekoe red_hair red_jacket rosehip short_hair st._gloriana's_military_uniform standing tea teacup tears tied_hair top-down_bottom-up translated twin_braids uniform v-shaped_eyebrows weapon white_flag
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