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  • 1boy armor black_gloves black_pants brown_eyes brown_hair fire full_body gloves headband holding holding_sword holding_weapon klein klein_(sao-alo) looking_at_viewer pants smile solo spaulders spiked_hair standing sword sword_art_online transparent_background weapon
    1boy arms_up bandana black_boots boots brown_hair fire full_body grey_pants holding holding_sword holding_weapon jumping katana klein klein_(sao-alo) open_mouth pants solo spiked_hair sword sword_art_online transparent_background weapon
    1boy boku_no_hero_academia casual collared_shirt commentary expressionless glowing glowing_eyes hair_over_one_eye hands_in_pockets hood hoodie jacket kirishima_eijirou looking_at_viewer open_clothes open_jacket pants red_eyes red_hoodie shirt shoco_(sco_labo) solo spiked_hair
    1girl bow cowboy_shot disgaea dress greyscale gun holding holding_gun holding_weapon ian_olympia jewelry looking_at_viewer makai_senki_disgaea_2 monochrome pointy_ears ring rozalin short_hair smile solo spiked_hair strapless strapless_dress watermark weapon web_address wings
    1boy 3d 3girls :d animal_print armor ass ass_envy banana banana_peel bangs black-framed_eyewear black_hair black_legwear blue_leotard blue_nails bodysuit bomber_jacket bracelet breasts brown_eyes brown_hair brown_jacket buckle bunny_print closed_mouth clothes_writing commentary copyright_name cross-laced_clothes d.va_(overwatch) dark_skin english facepaint facial_mark finger_on_trigger fishnets food forehead_jewel from_side frown fruit glasses gloves glowing goggles gorilla grin gun hand_on_hip handgun harness head_tilt headgear headphones high_collar highres holding holding_food holding_gun holding_weapon jacket jewelry leaning_forward leather leather_jacket legs_apart leotard lips long_hair looking_at_another mechanical_arm medium_breasts multiple_girls multiple_views nail_polish neck_ring one_eye_closed open_mouth overwatch parted_lips play_of_the_game power_armor railing rectangular_glasses revision short_hair short_sleeves small_breasts smile spiked_hair stairs standing straight_hair swept_bangs symmetra_(overwatch) thong thong_leotard tracer_(overwatch) turtleneck urbanator visor wallpaper watermark weapon whisker_markings wide-eyed widescreen winston_(overwatch) yellow_eyes
    1boy backlighting bandaid bandaid_on_face bicycle clothes_around_waist cloud commentary dark drinking_fountain fusui ground_vehicle jewelry lens_flare light_rays looking_to_the_side male_focus necklace original pants pants_rolled_up shirt_around_waist short_hair signature sky solo spiked_hair stairs sunlight sweat twilight water_drop wiping_mouth
    1boy 1girl absurdres artist_name bakugou_katsuki bandages bare_shoulders belt black_gloves black_hair blank_eyes blonde_hair boku_no_hero_academia button_eyes cape clenched_teeth collar commentary cowboy_shot crossover dress explosion fingerless_gloves gloves green_gloves handshake hat highres kono_subarashii_sekai_ni_shukufuku_wo! looking_at_another megumin mozzatav red_dress red_eyes shirt short_hair short_hair_with_long_locks sleeveless sleeveless_shirt spiked_hair teeth trait_connection twitter_username witch_hat
    3boys angry attacking_viewer blonde_hair clenched_hands dougi dragon_ball dragon_ball_z father_and_son fighting_stance fingernails gloves green_eyes highres jacket looking_at_viewer multiple_boys official_art open_mouth serious short_hair simple_background son_gokuu spiked_hair super_saiyan sword trunks_(dragon_ball) vegeta weapon white_background wristband
    4boys attack attacking_viewer black_eyes black_hair blonde_hair dougi dragon dragon_ball dragon_ball_z fighting_stance fingernails green_eyes highres kamehameha long_hair looking_at_viewer multiple_boys multiple_persona official_art open_mouth outstretched_hand serious shenron short_hair simple_background son_gokuu spiked_hair super_saiyan super_saiyan_2 super_saiyan_3 very_long_hair white_background wristband
    2boys attack_ball attacking_viewer black_background blonde_hair boots dougi dragon_ball dragon_ball_(object) dragon_ball_z energy fighting_stance gloves green_eyes highres long_hair looking_at_viewer multiple_boys official_art open_mouth outstretched_hand serious short_hair son_gokuu spiked_hair vegeta very_long_hair wristband
    2girls :d alcohol bathing capriccyo cellphone censored cup highres holding holding_phone i-168_(kantai_collection) jun'you_(kantai_collection) kantai_collection long_hair multiple_girls nude onsen open_mouth phone pink_eyes pink_hair ponytail purple_eyes purple_hair sakazuki sake short_hair smartphone smile spiked_hair translation_request
    1boy absurdres black_jacket blonde_hair blue_background frown fujiki_yuusaku green_eyes hair_between_eyes highres ignis_(yuu-gi-ou) jacket looking_at_viewer male_focus mine1225 multicolored_hair outside_border playmaker portrait red_hair serious signature solo spiked_hair upper_body yuu-gi-ou yuu-gi-ou_vrains
    1boy blazer blue_hair blue_necktie chair duke_(69duke) fujiki_yuusaku green_eyes highres jacket looking_at_viewer male_focus multicolored_hair necktie pov school_uniform sitting solo spiked_hair yuu-gi-ou yuu-gi-ou_vrains
    2boys blazer blonde_hair blue_background blue_hair bodysuit closed_mouth cocconeis dual_persona fujiki_yuusaku green_eyes hair_tousle height_difference jacket multicolored_hair multiple_boys playmaker school_uniform simple_background spiked_hair upper_body yuu-gi-ou yuu-gi-ou_vrains
    1boy blonde_hair bodysuit cocconeis dated duel_disk english fujiki_yuusaku green_eyes highres male_focus multicolored_hair playmaker serious simple_background solo spiked_hair twitter_username upper_body white_background yuu-gi-ou yuu-gi-ou_vrains
    1boy 1girl arms_behind_back blazer brown_hair cocconeis english fujiki_yuusaku green_eyes grey_background hands_in_pockets jacket looking_away multicolored_hair orange_eyes school_uniform simple_background spiked_hair twitter_username upper_body yuu-gi-ou yuu-gi-ou_vrains zaizen_aoi
    1boy 1girl ass blonde_hair blue_angel blue_hair blush bodysuit bound bright_pupils cocconeis comic earrings facial_tattoo fujiki_yuusaku green_eyes heart heart_earrings heavy_breathing highres jewelry multicolored_hair necktie playmaker sleeveless spiked_hair tattoo tied_up translation_request twintails two-tone_hair yuu-gi-ou yuu-gi-ou_vrains zaizen_aoi
    1boy 1girl angry blonde_hair blue_angel blue_hair blue_necktie clenched_teeth closed_eyes earrings facial_mark facial_tattoo fujiki_yuusaku gloves hair_down heart heart_earrings jewelry kneeling long_hair looking_at_viewer multicolored_hair necktie official_style playmaker projected_inset raku_(howdy) short_hair spiked_hair tattoo tears teeth thighhighs two-tone_hair white_gloves yuu-gi-ou yuu-gi-ou_vrains zaizen_aoi
    black_eyes black_hair blue_eyes blue_hair boots car dougi dragon_ball dragon_ball_super earrings energy fighting fighting_stance green_skin ground_vehicle highres jewelry kaioushin mai_(dragon_ball) motor_vehicle motorcycle official_art short_hair son_gokuu spiked_hair spoilers super_saiyan_blue sword trunks_(dragon_ball) vegeta weapon white_hair wristband zamasu
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