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  • 1girl angry ballpoint_pen_(medium) clenched_hands clenched_teeth commentary crying crying_with_eyes_open english hair_ribbon muscle ribbon rumia rumiak shirt short_hair spot_color tears teeth torn_clothes torn_sleeves touhou traditional_media upper_body vest
    1girl artist_name bangs black_skirt blurry breasts dated depth_of_field fangs foreshortening gotoh510 highres long_sleeves looking_at_viewer open_mouth outstretched_arms red_eyes rumia sharp_teeth signature skirt skirt_set smile solo star teeth tongue touhou vest
    1girl ascot bare_legs black_footwear black_skirt blonde_hair full_body gap long_sleeves looking_at_viewer open_mouth red_eyes rumia sharp_teeth shirt shoes short_hair skirt skirt_set socks solo teeth tentacles touhou vest white_legwear white_shirt yamamomo_(plank)
    2girls apron artist_name black_skirt blonde_hair braid cheek-to-cheek clenched_teeth closed_eyes commentary_request dated gotoh510 hair_ribbon happy highres hug kirisame_marisa long_hair long_sleeves miniskirt multiple_girls open_mouth red_eyes red_ribbon ribbon rumia side_braid signature simple_background skirt skirt_set smile sweatdrop teeth touhou vest waist_apron wavy_mouth white_background
    13_(spice!!) 1girl absurdres ascot bangs black_background black_footwear black_skirt blonde_hair bow closed_mouth collared_shirt eyebrows_visible_through_hair full_body hair_between_eyes hair_bow highres interlocked_fingers kneehighs knees_together_feet_apart long_sleeves looking_at_viewer lying on_back own_hands_together red_bow red_eyes rumia shirt short_hair simple_background skindentation skirt skirt_set sleeveless solo touhou white_legwear white_shirt
    1girl ass bangs black_panties black_skirt blonde_hair brown_background from_behind hair_ribbon heart highres lifted_by_self long_sleeves looking_at_viewer looking_back panties red_eyes red_ribbon redb ribbon rumia see-through simple_background skirt skirt_lift skirt_set solo touhou underwear
    1girl ascot black_border black_dress blonde_hair border butterfly commentary_request dress frills long_sleeves looking_at_viewer mary_janes moon mosho night open_mouth outstretched_arms red_eyes red_neckwear red_ribbon ribbon rumia shoes short_hair socks solo touhou white_legwear wide_sleeves
    1girl brown_hair commentary_request gorilla_(bun0615) hair_ribbon highres looking_at_viewer mary_janes parted_lips ribbon rumia shoes short_hair simple_background smile solo touhou translation_request white_background yellow_eyes
    1girl bangs black_vest blonde_hair blush closed_eyes eyebrows_visible_through_hair fang frilled_shirt_collar frills hair_ribbon hand_gesture is_that_so long_sleeves nekoguruma open_mouth ribbon rumia shirt short_hair simple_background sketch solo touhou translated upper_body vest white_background white_shirt
    1girl alternate_hair_length alternate_hairstyle ass back blonde_hair commentary_request darkness from_behind hair_ribbon long_hair looking_at_viewer nude profile red_eyes red_ribbon ribbon rumia solo standing touhou yubayuki
    1girl :d alternate_costume black_skirt blonde_hair cardigan contemporary fang full_body hair_ribbon highres open_mouth outstretched_arms red_eyes ribbon rumia short_hair skirt smile spread_arms teoi_(good_chaos) touhou
    1girl artist_name bangs black_skirt blurry breasts dated depth_of_field fangs foreshortening gotoh510 highres long_sleeves looking_at_viewer open_mouth outstretched_arms red_eyes rumia sharp_teeth signature skirt skirt_set smile solo star teeth tongue touhou vest
    1girl ascot big_mouth black_background blonde_hair commentary_request dark darkness eyelashes from_side gradient gradient_background grey_background hair_ribbon kazesayuru leaning_forward nose pale_skin profile red_eyes red_neckwear red_ribbon ribbon rumia sharp_teeth solo teeth touhou upper_body vest wing_collar
    1girl baozi blonde_hair carrying casual cato_(monocatienus) commentary_request contemporary eating food hair_ribbon holding hood hooded_jacket jacket looking_at_viewer open_mouth red_eyes ribbon rumia short_hair simple_background solo steam touhou white_background
    1boy 2girls :d blonde_hair blue_hair bow chibi commentary glasses gold gomasamune hair_ribbon hand_on_own_chin hat hat_ribbon highres holding_elbow lavender_hair long_sleeves mob_cap multiple_girls open_mouth pedestal puffy_short_sleeves puffy_sleeves red_eyes remilia_scarlet ribbon rumia short_hair short_sleeves simple_background skirt smile statue touhou translated vest white_background
    1girl ascot black_ribbon commentary_request darkness expressionless hair_between_eyes hair_ribbon highres long_sleeves looking_at_viewer pale_skin red_eyes ribbon rumia short_hair skirt skirt_set solo spark621 touhou vest white_hair white_skirt
    1girl ahoge arm_belt bangs black_footwear black_hat black_wings bonnet bow chair closed_mouth demon_tail dress hair_ribbon halloween_costume hat hat_bow highres long_sleeves looking_at_viewer mary_janes orange_background red_bow red_ribbon ribbon rumia sh_(562835932) shoes short_hair sitting smile socks solo stuffed_animal stuffed_toy tail teddy_bear touhou white_legwear wings
    1girl artist_name black_background black_skirt blonde_hair buttons closed_eyes dated full_body gotoh510 hair_ribbon music necktie open_mouth outstretched_arms red_legwear red_neckwear red_ribbon ribbon rumia singing skirt skirt_set solo touhou twitter_username vest
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