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  • 1girl armor bat_wings batman batman_(cosplay) black_legwear blue_hair cosplay face_mask fangs fkey grey_background highres holding holding_weapon looking_at_viewer mask parted_lips polearm red_eyes remilia_scarlet simple_background smile solo spear standing touhou weapon wings
    1boy absurdres bat batman batman_(series) calligraphy_brush_(medium) dc_comics fine_art_parody frown full_body full_moon grappling_hook highres japanese_clothes katana male_focus moon nihonga parody solo sword takumi_(marlboro) twitter_username ukiyo-e weapon
    1girl 6+boys aquaman_(dc) bare_shoulders batman belt black_cape black_hair blonde_hair blue_sky cape character_request covered_navel crossed_arms dark_skin day dc_comics facial_hair goatee green_lantern green_skin hand_on_hip justice_league long_hair looking_to_the_side martian_manhunter mask multiple_boys outdoors red_cape red_eyes red_tornado robot skirt sky standing superman temaeya_utsurou the_flash utility_belt wonder_woman
    1boy :d apple barefoot batman blue_eyes blue_hair child food fruit highres horns inside kfc link lyurm male_focus nintendo_switch open_mouth pillow shounen_jump sitting smile soda_bottle sonic sonic_the_hedgehog summon_night summon_night_4 the_legend_of_zelda
    2boys batman batman_(series) black_hair blue_eyes boots bush cape cr72 damian_wayne dc_comics dog domino_mask eraser full_moon gloves green_gloves hood hoodie indian_style male_focus mask moon multiple_boys night night_sky notebook pen silhouette sitting sky sword titus_(dc) weapon window
    2boys absurdres artist_request batman batman_(series) cape character_name dc_comics formal glasgow_smile gloves greyscale grin highres makeup mask monochrome multiple_boys necktie smile suit superhero the_joker weapon
    1boy 1girl bags_under_eyes batman batman_(series) blue_eyes bow bowtie brown_eyes commentary_request cosplay crossover dokuromaru green_hair hat idolmaster idolmaster_cinderella_girls lipstick looking_at_viewer makeup mask one_eye_covered orange_shirt pale_face shirasaka_koume shirt smile the_joker the_joker_(cosplay) white_background
    1boy abs akasha_bloodriver batman batman_(series) belt black_bow black_hair bow breasts cape choker clothed_male_nude_female collarbone crossover deviantart_username green_eyes hug indoors jyu_ichi lamp leg_grab looking_at_viewer nude patreon_username ponytail purple_hair pussy rosario+vampire shiny shiny_clothes shiny_hair shiny_skin thighhighs
    1boy abs akasha_bloodriver bare_shoulders batman batman_(series) belt black_bow black_hair bow breasts cape choker collarbone corset crossover deviantart_username garter_straps green_eyes hug indoors jyu_ichi lamp leg_grab looking_at_viewer panties patreon_username ponytail purple_hair rosario+vampire shiny shiny_clothes shiny_hair shiny_skin thighhighs underwear
    2boys age_progression batman batman_(series) bead_necklace beads bruce_wayne cape dc_comics dual_persona emblem flower highres jewelry looking_at_viewer mask multiple_boys necklace plant rose scales superhero t.j._geisen vines
    5boys armor bald batman battle building cape captain_america city clenched_hand clenched_teeth clothes_grab cloud cloudy_sky crossover dc_comics debris embers fire floating gloves helmet highres iron_man lens_flare male_focus marvel mask motion_blur multiple_boys multiple_crossover muscle no_pupils one-punch_man red_gloves saitama_(one-punch_man) sky skyscraper superhero superman teeth torn_clothes watermark web_address white_cape woo_chul_lee
    1girl ass batman batman_(series) blonde_hair blue_eyes bracelet car cityscape commentary_request dc_comics eyeshadow fishnet_pantyhose fishnets from_behind ground_vehicle hand_on_hip harley_quinn head_bump heart highres jewelry lipstick looking_at_viewer looking_back makeup mascara moon motor_vehicle night pantyhose police police_car short_shorts shorts smeared_lipstick spiked_bracelet spikes suicide_squad tattoo tongue tongue_out tsurukame_(doku) twintails
    animated animated_gif baseball_bat batgirl batman batman_(series) black_hair bouncing_breasts breasts chibi city cleavage commentary dc_comics enchantress_(dc) gameplay_mechanics gashi-gashi grey_skin harley_quinn health_bar long_hair looking_at_viewer mask medium_breasts multicolored_hair pixel_art poison_ivy smile spotlight suicide_squad superhero superman the_joker twintails two-tone_hair very_long_hair wonder_woman
    1boy 2girls 4koma ? batman batman_(series) batman_v_superman:_dawn_of_justice bikini blue_eyes brown_hair cellphone choker collarbone comic commentary crossover crying crying_with_eyes_open dc_comics fate/grand_order fate_(series) fujimaru_ritsuka_(female) gameplay_mechanics hat highres holding long_hair magic_circuit multiple_girls namesake navel phone purple_hair saint_martha saint_martha_(swimsuit_ruler)_(fate) setia_pradipta short_hair smartphone spoken_question_mark streaming_tears sun_hat swimsuit tears
    adrian_ferrer aquaman_(dc) aquaman_(dc)_(cosplay) bare_shoulders batarang batman batman_(cosplay) black_eyes black_hair brown_eyes brown_hair cape clenched_hand collarbone cosplay crossed_arms dc_comics gradient gradient_background hachimaki hair_ribbon headband headgear i-401_(kantai_collection) justice_league kantai_collection katsuragi_(kantai_collection) lasso lasso_of_truth light_brown_hair long_hair long_sleeves pleated_skirt polearm ponytail ribbon ryuujou_(kantai_collection) skirt smile spear superman superman_(cosplay) taihou_(kantai_collection) tan the_flash the_flash_(cosplay) twintails visor_cap weapon wonder_woman wonder_woman_(cosplay) zuihou_(kantai_collection)
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