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  • 1girl 774_(nanashi) ;d areolae bangs bb_(fate/extra_ccc) black_cape black_legwear blush breasts cape convenient_censoring cowboy_shot detached_collar eyebrows_visible_through_hair fate/extra fate/extra_ccc fate_(series) gloves hair_ribbon hand_on_hip hand_up high_collar holding large_breasts long_hair looking_at_viewer naked_cape navel neck_ribbon one_eye_closed open_mouth purple_eyes purple_hair red_ribbon ribbon smile solo standing thighhighs very_long_hair wand white_gloves wing_collar
    1girl 774_(nanashi) black_hair blush brown_eyes collarbone come_hither dark_skin ear_clip ear_piercing from_above hair_ornament hairclip ijiranaide_nagatoro-san long_hair looking_at_viewer mimikaki nagatoro one_eye_closed open_mouth piercing shirt sitting sleeves_folded_up solo white_shirt
    1girl 774_(nanashi) black_hair collared_shirt dress_shirt evil_grin evil_smile grin hair_ornament hairclip half-closed_eye hands_together head_tilt ijiranaide_nagatoro-san leaning_forward long_hair looking_at_viewer nagatoro open_mouth shirt sleeves_rolled_up smile solo white_shirt
    1girl 774_(nanashi) black_hair blush breasts brown_eyes collarbone commentary_request dark_skin ear_piercing fang hair_ornament hairclip ijiranaide_nagatoro-san leaning_on_object long_hair nagatoro open_mouth piercing raised_eyebrow shirt sitting sleeves_folded_up small_breasts solo white_shirt
    2girls 774_(nanashi) ass boots chloe_von_einzbern cosplay covered_nipples dark_skin elbow_gloves embarrassed fate/grand_order fate/kaleid_liner_prisma_illya fate_(series) flat_chest florence_nightingale_(fate/grand_order) florence_nightingale_(fate/grand_order)_(cosplay) garter_straps gloves green_gloves hat high_heel_boots high_heels illyasviel_von_einzbern licking_lips looking_at_viewer miniskirt multiple_girls name_tag navel nurse_cap one_eye_closed panties pink_hair revealing_clothes short_hair side_ponytail simple_background skirt skirt_lift stomach text thigh_boots thighhighs tongue tongue_out translation_request trick_or_treatment underwear vibrator vibrator_under_panties wavy_mouth white_background
    1girl 774_(nanashi) :d ^_^ aqua_vest artist_name bangs black_border black_hair blush border bow bowtie breast_hold breasts chalkboard circle_cut circle_name classroom closed_eyes collared_shirt commentary_request crossed_arms day door dutch_angle embarrassed eyebrows_visible_through_hair flying_sweatdrops from_side highres huge_breasts indoors laughing nervous nervous_smile nose_blush open_mouth original red_bow red_neckwear school_uniform shirt short_hair short_sleeves sky smile solo standing sweat sweater_vest sweating_profusely undressing upper_body v-shaped_eyebrows vest white_shirt window
    1boy 1girl 774_(nanashi) :d backpack bag belt black_hair black_pants blue_skirt blue_sky blurry blurry_background blush brown_eyes brown_hair cloud cloudy_sky commentary dark_skin day dress_shirt flying_sweatdrops from_side glasses grin hachiouji hair_ornament hairclip hand_up heavy_breathing ijiranaide_nagatoro-san long_hair nagatoro official_art open_mouth outdoors pants pleated_skirt profile school_uniform shirt short_sleeves shoulder_bag skirt sky smile standing standing_on_one_leg sweat walking wavy_mouth white_shirt
    1boy 1girl 774_(nanashi) black_hair blush brown_eyes brown_hair cheek_pinching commentary dark_skin eyebrows_visible_through_hair flying_sweatdrops grin hachiouji hair_ornament long_hair looking_at_viewer messy_hair nagatoro nervous_smile original pinching raised_eyebrow shirt short_hair simple_background sketch smile sweat teeth upper_body wavy_mouth white_background white_shirt
    1boy 774_(nanashi) bartitsu cane derivative_work fate/grand_order fate_(series) greyscale male_focus monochrome oldschool photo_reference sherlock_holmes_(fate/grand_order) sketch solo stance waistcoat
    1girl 3boys 774_(nanashi) bouncing_breasts bow bowtie breast_lift breast_slap breasts classroom closed_eyes comic embarrassed faceless faceless_male greyscale highres huge_breasts monochrome multiple_boys open_mouth original pleated_skirt school_uniform short_hair skirt smile thumbs_up translation_request wavy_mouth
    1girl 2boys 774_(nanashi) bouncing_breasts bow bowtie bra breasts classroom closed_eyes comic commentary_request faceless faceless_male greyscale highres huge_breasts manzai monochrome multiple_boys open_mouth original pleated_skirt school_uniform short_hair skirt slapping smile translation_request underwear undone_bra vest wardrobe_malfunction
    1boy 1girl 774_(nanashi) age_difference aqua_eyes black_hair blonde_hair blush breasts cleavage closed_eyes commentary_request cross full-face_blush groin hanging_breasts highres huge_breasts inverted_nipples long_hair naked_towel navel nipples open_mouth shampoo shiina_aki sitting smile sunohara_ayaka sunoharasou_no_kanrinin-san towel wet
    1boy 1girl 774_(nanashi) bag black_hair brown_eyes canvas_(object) commentary couch dark_skin fan hachiouji jitome long_hair mannequin nagatoro newspaper original pixel_art room school_bag screencap sitting table translated trash_can
    1girl 774_(nanashi) black_hair blazer blush breasts brown_eyes bursting_breasts chocolate comic commentary finger_to_mouth grin highres huge_breasts jacket multiple_boys one_eye_closed open_mouth original pleated_skirt ribbon school_uniform short_hair shushing skirt smile solo_focus sweater teeth translated valentine
    1girl 2boys 774_(nanashi) ;d @_@ black_hair blazer blush breasts brown_eyes bursting_breasts check_translation comic commentary crazy_eyes crazy_smile full-face_blush hair_ornament hairclip highres huge_breasts jacket multiple_boys one_eye_closed open_mouth original pleated_skirt ribbon school_uniform short_hair skirt smile solo_focus sweater translation_request
    1girl 774_(nanashi) ass_visible_through_thighs bb_(fate/extra_ccc) black_legwear blush bow breasts breasts_apart closed_mouth collarbone commentary_request fate/extra fate/extra_ccc fate_(series) full_body gloves hair_bow hand_on_hip highres jacket large_breasts long_hair long_sleeves looking_at_viewer naked_coat navel nipples no_pussy open_clothes open_jacket puffy_nipples purple_eyes purple_hair red_bow smile solo standing stomach thighhighs very_long_hair white_background white_gloves wide_sleeves
    1girl 774_(nanashi) bodysuit breasts fate/grand_order fate_(series) full_body huge_breasts katana legs long_hair low-tied_long_hair lowres minamoto_no_raikou_(fate/grand_order) ootachi open_toe_shoes pixel_art purple_bodysuit purple_eyes purple_hair shoes solo standing sword thighs transparent_background very_long_hair weapon
    1girl 774_(nanashi) :d areola_slip areolae bb_(fate/extra_ccc) black_footwear blue_hair blush boots bow breasts center_opening coat commentary_request convenient_censoring fate/extra fate/extra_ccc fate_(series) floating_hair full_body gloves hair_bow highres huge_breasts long_hair long_sleeves looking_at_viewer naked_coat open_clothes open_coat open_mouth purple_eyes red_bow smile solo stick thigh_boots thighhighs v-shaped_eyebrows white_background white_gloves wide_sleeves
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