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  • 1girl :< blush chibi crescent cup hat in_container in_cup long_hair lowres minigirl mug mukyuu neko_yume patchouli_knowledge purple_hair solo touhou witch_hat
    1girl :3 animal_ears braid casual cat_ears cat_tail cup dress hair_ribbon highres in_container in_cup kaenbyou_rin long_hair minigirl multiple_tails nabe noi panties pantyshot red_eyes red_hair ribbon solo striped striped_panties tail touhou twin_braids twintails underwear
    1girl ahoge bad_id bad_pixiv_id bloomers closed_eyes cup dress fairy flower hair_flower hair_ornament in_container in_cup licking minigirl original pointy_ears saliva solo sugar_cube teacup underwear wanijima_gaburi white_hair wings
    2girls calendar cup horn horns hoshiguma_yuugi ibuki_suika in_container in_cup kuma_(crimsonvanilla) minigirl multiple_girls sakazuki touhou
    1girl alcohol animal_ears blue_eyes bottle bunny_ears bunnysuit champagne cup goblet in_container in_cup long_hair original partially_submerged pekepeke purple_hair solo thighhighs wet wet_clothes
    1girl :x alcohol animal_ears boots bunny_ears cheese chibi closed_eyes cork cup drunk food glass in_container in_cup maid minigirl piku pink_hair shakugan_no_shana solo wilhelmina_carmel wine
    6+girls as chibi clone cup fujiwara_no_mokou in_container in_cup minigirl multiple_girls touhou white_hair wings
    6+girls =_= anger_vein ariyoshi_gen bad_id bad_pixiv_id blue_hair blush chibi clone cup fang food fruit hat hinanawi_tenshi in_container in_cup in_food minigirl multiple_girls peach sparkle sword sword_of_hisou touhou weapon yawning
    1girl chibi cup fujiwara_no_mokou holding holding_spoon in_container in_cup makoto_jon minigirl pants red_eyes ribbon solo spoon touhou translation_request white_hair
    +_+ 2girls bad_id bad_pixiv_id barefoot caved chibi cup ex-keine fujiwara_no_mokou in_container in_cup kamishirasawa_keine minigirl multiple_girls ruto_(petatann) tea touhou
    1girl crescent crescent_hair_ornament cup fechirin hair_ornament in_container in_cup minigirl mukyuu patchouli_knowledge purple_eyes purple_hair solo teacup touhou
    1girl artist_request bandana blue_eyes cup gloves haruka_(pokemon) in_container in_cup lowres minigirl pokemon red_hair short_hair simple_background solo teacup white_background
    2girls >_< alice_margatroid bad_id bad_pixiv_id charin closed_eyes cup fujiwara_no_mokou in_container in_cup lowres minigirl multiple_girls sketch tea touhou
    2girls aisaka_taiga apron cup food giantess ice_cream in_container in_cup in_food kushieda_minori minigirl multiple_girls one_eye_closed parfait short_hair sundae toradora! ttomm waitress
    1girl black_hair cup doraemon food in_container in_cup knees lowres minamoto_shizuka minigirl mushroom nabe nude pot ramb_chop sexually_suggestive solo spread_legs steam
    2girls alcohol blonde_hair blush cup horn horns hoshiguma_yuugi ibuki_suika in_container in_cup long_hair minigirl multiple_girls oni orange_hair red_eyes sakazuki sake touhou
    1girl animal_ears bad_id bad_pixiv_id bunny_ears cup food in_container in_cup in_food kurifuto long_hair minigirl noodles purple_hair reisen_udongein_inaba socks solo thighhighs touhou
    1girl barefoot copyright_request cup fairy feet food green_eyes highres in_container in_cup kazami_haruki minigirl one_eye_closed purple_hair solo toast wings
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