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1girl blonde_hair blurry blush breasts bullet character_name charlotte_dunois depth_of_field gun infinite_stratos legs machinery mecha_musume medium_breasts purple_eyes rafale_revive_custom_ii revision school_uniform shell_casing shino_(eefy) solo weapon
1girl blonde_hair blush breasts charlotte_dunois gun infinite_stratos legs md5_mismatch mecha_musume medium_breasts military military_uniform purple_eyes rafale_revive_custom_ii shell_casing shino_(eefy) solo uniform weapon
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charlotte dunois and rafale revive custom ii (infinite stratos) drawn by shino (eefy)
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    not only is she fricken adorably cute and nice but she's one hell of a gunner


    woo,It's shino's work,GJ!Charlotte is my most favorite character in this animation till now