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1girl anti-materiel_rifle bad_id brown_eyes brown_hair commentary f-15 gun m81_woodland_(camo) missile ntw-20 ogitsune_(ankakecya-han) rifle sleeves_rolled_up sniper_rifle strike_witches strike_witches_1991 striker_unit uniform weapon woodland_pattern
1girl bad_id boots brown_eyes brown_hair coffee_mug commentary dark_skin head_wings headdress m81_woodland_(camo) native_american native_american_headdress ogitsune_(ankakecya-han) original panties solo strike_witches strike_witches_1991 tail underwear uniform
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    Strike Witches 1991 #2

    A request from T-Cubed-san. This is a Witch from the United States of Liberion Air Force using an F-15E Strike Eagle out on CAS. Before I knew it, it had turned into a scene you might see in Ace Combat. Still, many on many air battles are pretty awesome, aren't they?


    yeah, that's true. The coloring and the scene would make it.
    btw, what's her weapon ? is that Mechem NTW 20 Anti Material Rifle ?


    Native American Witches? If so, I like.