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2girls airplane animal_ears ass assault_rifle bad_id bandaid bayonet boeing_e-3 brown_hair camouflage cat_ears cat_tail commentary condensation_trail desert drum_magazine english f-14 fighter_jet green_eyes gulf_war gun headphones heart jet long_hair m16 m60 machine_gun mecha_musume military missile multiple_girls ogitsune_(ankakecya-han) profanity rifle skull_and_crossbones strike_witches strike_witches_1991 striker_unit tail thumbs_up weapon
2girls animal_ears bad_id blonde_hair blue_eyes boots brown_hair camouflage cat_ears commentary green_eyes multiple_girls ogitsune_(ankakecya-han) original panties skull_and_crossbones strike_witches strike_witches_1991 sunglasses tail underwear uniform
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    Hey Maverick!!!


    Other girl has M60


    Striker Units with on-board weapons? WHAT?!


    DishyBeast said:
    Striker Units with on-board weapons? WHAT?!

    much has changed since the times of old


    Hahaha, just what I was expecting, awesome.

    なんかタイトルがB級パクリ映画っぽい。 1991年、アラビア半島に現れたネウロイはクウェートに侵攻。対する人類は多国籍軍を編成、ウィッチ達の熾烈な戦いが再び幕を開けた!!みたいな妄想。トム猫のグラマラスな図体が好きです。もうほぼ飛んでないですが。

    The title feels like some kind of B-movie ripoff. In 1991, Neuroi appear over the Arabian Peninsula and invade Kuwait. Humanity establishes a multinational coalition in response, and the curtain rises once again on a fierce battle for the Witches!! or something. I love the glamorous form of the Tomcat fuselage. Even though they hardly ever fly anymore.


    Solamarle, thanks for the commentary.


    where the Arab witches?

    MHU Zero

    Fuok your ass!