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original drawn by aoin

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  • ホホエミササゲテ





    Within a vast yet remote forest there lived a tribe composed entirely of women. As heirs to the Water God the women had protected the Water God's Spring since ancient times. One day a young traveler wandered into the village. He was captured and about to be killed, when a young woman stayed his execution. By her wish the man was saved from death, but he lived in the village as a slave. Every night the girl would secretly visit him and, as they gazed upon the moon, listen to the traveler's stories about the outside world. One day the girl suddenly collapsed. The man learned that the girl's body was used as a vessel for bearing children in order to sustain the tribe. The many years had taken a toll on her body and further childbirth would certainly endanger her life. The man begged the village chief to let him take her away from the village. However, there was a condition attached. If the two would marry and leave their child to the village, the girl would be freed from her duty to the tribe. In spite of his hesitations, the girl simply smiled.

    Note: translated by seabook

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    Snuu snuu.


    lol Snuu Snuu.

    i'd take this Snuu Snuu anytime though.


    Nimbo said:
    Snuu snuu.

    My exact thoughts when I saw the thumbnail.


    Race just of the woman had lived in the [ma] of the forest of immense and profoundness and remoteness. The spring of water God the protection [ri] was continued from long time ago as for her water God 嗣 as.   A certain day alone youth traveler was perplexed to the village and was packed. As for him when be caught being killed, the alone daughter stopped.  From her request as for the youth death the exemption [ji] [te] it was, but the slave it came to the point of being handled.  The daughter when everyday it is night, went to meeting stealthily in the youth, month view heard the story of the world of the youth and outside.    Suddenly, a certain [hi] daughter destroyed and collapsed physical condition.  As for her for continuing the whole group the child bears as the vessel which it lifts up the body of oneself the thing youth whom knew.  Long time it is used up and already ragged she when the child above this you bear, becomes threat of secure life.  You asked that the youth who cannot see the head lowers in the patriarch, accompanies her and goes away from this village and wants.  There is a condition for granting the request. The cover [ri] gets married and bears the child and leaves to the village, cancellation of function of the whole group is recognized.  Either the hesitation sea urchin of the youth did not relate, the daughter smiled.

    Altavista's Bable Fish is a great tool, I wonder why more ppl don't use it.

    user 9851

    chaosshade said:
    Altavista's Bable Fish is a great tool, I wonder why more ppl don't use it.

    Please tell me you're being sarcastic.


    Lepperchaun said:
    Please tell me you're being sarcastic.

    I am; Bable Fish is helpful but obviously not anywhere near perfect (as can be seen from the... confounding translation it yielded)


    Thanks for the translation, Seabook. Interesting concept; it seems to be part of a mini-series.


    foreignreign said:
    I like how it looks like the girl's left boob is like, magically being pulled upwards.

    Or she is bucking up and down, and they are bouncing.


    her left hand looks clumpy, but the picture is awesome!


    I would love to read the rest of the mini series


    That breast looks dangerous.

    Updated by Azuria


    I feel kinda bad for Rinnosuke


    Wait, based on the little backstory behind this picture, is this still counted as rape?


    No rape, no serial monogamy, no group sex, no harem.

    Cock Monkey

    Her boob bouncing so high ruins this for me. All I can think of is the pain that must be causing her, bouncing like that over and over again.