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  • Very poor MSFT Paint edit - RESOLVED
hatsune miku (vocaloid)
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    If by soon, you mean half a year, then yes, it's closing in.

    Dude, get GIMP. Paint is used for the most BASIC, and I mean BASIC, art applications. Keep away from it unless you need to see something in a certain way. And GIMP won't leave messy JPEG artefacts all over the place, since you can save pictures as gif's, png's and a load of other file types.

    And how's this questionable?


    JakeBob said
    And how's this questionable?

    You're right. It is safe. I must've created this in a hurry because dinner was served.

    one question, How do I get GIMP


    You search GIMP in Google, and it will be on the first page.