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    MD Anonymous

    From left to right, top to bottom, repeated planets ignored:

    -Top Third-

    First Row: Earth (duh!), Venus
    Second Row: Mars, Mercury, Earth's Moon (because every planet except Venus and Mercury has at least one moon)

    Middle Third:

    First Row: Jupiter, Saturn
    Second Row: Uranus, Neptune
    Third Row: See Top Third descriptions

    Bottom Third:
    First Row: The Sun(duh!)
    Second Row: See previous descriptions.

    Yes, this depiction is to scale. Given how small Earth is, and how infinitesimal humans are compared to the "big picture," it's a wonder humanity considers itself such a big screaming deal.

    P.S. Astronomy rocks!

    MD Anonymous

    I enjoy how the Sun is casting a shadow

    MD Anonymous

    Well of course the sun casts a shadow!
    What do you think holds the sun up? Duh the giant table that stands on the back of the turtle who rides along with the elephant!

    MD Anonymous

    Bah, these are just textured spheres rendered in 3Dmax. OF COURSE they cast shadows, because that's what the modeller specified the object properties to be.

    If the Sun was not busy carrying on its nuclear fusion, it might very well cast a shadow, being mostly composed of gas, and gas giants do have dark sides--hence it could cast a shadow.

    By the way, should the "to scale" tag be applied to height charts too?

    MD Anonymous

    I believe the smallest object (top - bottom right) is in fact, suppose to be Pluto. I have this very chart only with lables, and the moon does not look like that. Of course, I'm pretty sure that's not what Pluto looks like either (at least the color).

    Some might find it odd that Saturn is presented without its rings. Ring systems aren't really fair to include as part of the "planet." It's basically a cloud of debris that is orbiting the planet, so more like moons...in tiny tiny pieces.

    And yes, study of the universe is wonderful.

    MD Anonymous

    Maybe I did. In any case, I don't think any probe has ever gotten a clear look at Pluto; all we have are some extremely low-res telescope pictures.

    Odd, given that Hubble can take pictures of vastly more distant galaxies, nebulae, and quasars, while Pluto's surface details are "out of reach."

    MD Anonymous

    Well true that galaxies and etc. are vastly more distant, they're also vastly more massive as well, and give off their own light. Pluto however, is tiny and does not give off light. Nineplanets.org says: "Pluto is the only planet that has not been visited by a spacecraft. Even the Hubble Space Telescope can resolve only the largest features on its surface (left and above). A spacecraft called New Horizons was launched in January 2006. If all goes well it should reach Pluto in 2015." So perhaps around that time the chart might be updated.

    MD Anonymous

    Oh god, we're actually having an educational discussion about science! In a place where tags like semenonfigure and bukkake rule supreme?! Is this a sign of the apocalypse?!!!

    Oh, and it sucks that probes take so damn long to get anywhere. We desperately need faster than light travel--does anyone care about that at NASA?

    MD Anonymous

    not really, costs too much...

    MD Anonymous

    I once saw the Solar System described as "the sun, Jupiter, and assorted debris."

    MD Anonymous

    Yes, those scientists will continue to argue about a concept that really doesn't expand our understanding at all.


    And may the "New Horizons" probe get there quickly.

    MD Anonymous

    Where does this lead to now that pluto isn't considered a planet anymore?

    MD Anonymous

    Pluto is just an amount of rubbish contained in an asterioid-size planetoid, so in fact it's never intended to be a real planet.

    MD Anonymous

    Never intended to be a real planet? Asked the gods themselves, did you?

    MD Anonymous

    I didn't know that Pluto meaned that much for you guys 9_9

    MD Anonymous

    So the tenth planet is now the ninth...my head hurts.
    Pluto still has cool surprises in store. Don't forget that it's "moon" Charon is nearly as big as Pluto. Binary planet, anyone?

    MD Anonymous

    wow... are thsoe real life sized?

    MD Anonymous

    ...No, but they're a scale. Probably like, 1/1000000000000th scale.

    MD Anonymous

    And of course the sun would be the size of a house comparatively.

    MD Anonymous

    Yeah. At least, to make the moon the size of a marble, the sun would have to be a house.


    And let's not forget how small our sun is compared to certain other suns.


    I just had a terrible thought... since Venus is bigger than Mars, and most everyone knows the book (or at least the title) "Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus"... the fanatical feminists (yes I am talking about you, Equality Now) might try to claim that they should rule Earth because their home planet is bigger... "Men are the minority! The sizes prove it!"


    So, why is this here?...


    Valthonia said:
    So, why is this here?...



    its interesting that this picture gets so many more comments than the porn