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1boy ^_^ armor blonde_hair cape closed_eyes commentary computer cosplay donald_trump emperor_of_mankind emperor_of_mankind_(cosplay) grin ok_sign real_life sima_naoteng smile twitter twitter_logo warhammer_40k
2boys ^_^ armor blonde_hair cape character_request closed_eyes commentary computer cosplay donald_trump emperor_of_mankind emperor_of_mankind_(cosplay) formal grey_hair grin multiple_boys ok_sign real_life sima_naoteng smile suit twitter twitter_logo warhammer_40k
donald trump and emperor of mankind (real life, twitter, and warhammer 40k) drawn by sima naoteng

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    Is the guy in the background Mike Pence? Doesn't really look like him but he doesn't look like anyone else except maybe Dubya?


    Jnglmpera said:

    Is the guy in the background Mike Pence? Doesn't really look like him but he doesn't look like anyone else except maybe Dubya?

    He does have the same hair style as Mike Pence so it's a possibility. I thought it was Jeff Sessions.

    It's not like it'll matter anyway. Anything Trump related gets hit with negative scores and usually gets rejected.


    I don't get why he is hated so much in US. He is not that bad. All he done is revert back reform that pretty much troubling to industry, build some wall, withdraw from some treaty that basically done jack shit other than virtue signalling, ban some potential country that might be a hotspot for terrorism (failed but better safe than story)
    and shitpost in twitter.

    He didn't done anything cripple the US as far as I know. Guarding the border is a common sense. Mexico is not really in crisis, so it wouldn't hurt if he send some back. He is not really a racist, in fact Trump once received an award long ago for being one of the first company that hire black. You can google it.

    Global warming is inevitable. Ice age is over and there is nothing we can do and no treaty to stop it. People forgot that Earth was originally hot and it just returned to normal state. The best we can do is adapt and build tech. that can save us from disaster from transition phase.

    And I don't get what with Russian (read: red) Scare either. Most people misunderstood the whole hacking thing. FSB don't actually hacked voting machines. That shit is unhackable. It basically like money counting machine but for vote. How the hell do you hack it? All the Rus done was hacking the Democrat email and publish to internet. Even that was mostly done by basement-dwelling fatguy from 4chan and FSB just take the credit. It's not Trump fault that Putin prefer him over Hillary.

    Trump deserve the win. And it's Hillary own fault that she forgot that US is not actually direct-democracy and alienated the so called 'fly-over' states.

    cd young

    Hell-Raven said: An opinion

    which is mostly all true, people hate him for his smug attitude and also no one (on the left and some of the right) wanted him in office. So, for the most part they are taking him to task for every minor error he makes due to him being an entrepreneur and capitalist and not an actual politician.

    cd young

    rom_collector said:

    I'm not into conspiracy theories, but sometimes it looks too coincidental nations around the world are choosing the most voluble, temperamental, mentally unstable governor you could ever choose between (Hillary was not different). I prefer to think it's a consequence of the modern era instead of an unnamed underground new world order strategically setting a Third World War.

    Either way, I'm crossing fingers nuking the USA or any other nation doesn't come anytime during my lifetime and near descendants.

    Well, Hillary is monumentally incompetent, and Donald isn't an actual politician, so both would have been bad in office, Trump is the lesser of the two mostly because he doesn't have active alliances with radical Arab states that want to destroy america.


    Can't even enjoy a 2D T&A site without political banter showing up.