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/\/\/\ 2boys artist_name bags_under_eyes barefoot black_hair chair comic death_note desk english grin l_(death_note) looking_at_another multiple_boys office_chair on_desk open_mouth osy057 pants parody red_hair ruler shirt sitting sitting_on_desk smile socks staring sweatdrop thought_bubble yagami_light
2boys bare_shoulders belt black_gloves blonde_hair buckle chair chocolate comic death_note eating gloves long_hair long_sleeves mello multiple_boys near osy057 pants shirt silver_hair sitting sleeveless sleeveless_shirt speed_lines surprised tank_top wide-eyed
mello and near (death note) drawn by osy057
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    ...I don't get it...


    Look up the parent post.


    LOL jejeje
    "You SUCK."


    There's a game when you have someone else drop a ruler, and the you're supposed to catch the ruler before it hits the ground. I'm guessing that's what they're playing.


    It's basically a reflex/reaction time test. Funny enough because my PE teacher had the class do it in my high school class. Surprisingly it's not all that difficult, which is where I think the joke comes from since he failed rather miserably.