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5boys 6+girls agito_(nanoha) ahoge animal_ears arm_garter asclepius asymmetrical_legwear bardiche bat_wings blonde_hair blue_hair bodysuit bow brown_hair cannon character_request cinque_(nanoha) closed_eyes coat confrontation deed_(nanoha) dieci_(nanoha) dual_wielding due_(nanoha) energy_sword english everyone facial_mark familiar fate_testarossa fighting_stance fingerless_gloves forehead_jewel forehead_mark gauntlets ginga_nakajima glasses gloves hair_ornament hairband hat headband highres huge_weapon inline_skates jacket klarwind levantine long_hair long_sleeves lutecia_alpine lyrical_nanoha machinery magazine_(weapon) magic_circle magical_boy magical_girl mahou_shoujo_lyrical_nanoha_strikers military military_uniform minigirl multiple_boys multiple_girls nove_(nanoha) numbers_(nanoha) older one_eye_closed open_clothes open_coat open_jacket otto_(nanoha) outstretched_arms pink_hair ponytail purple_hair quattro_(nanoha) raising_heart red_bow red_eyes red_hair reinforce_zwei revolver_knuckle roller_skates roman_numerals sansyodo sette_(nanoha) shamal siblings side_ponytail signum simple_background single_fingerless_glove single_gauntlet single_glove single_thighhigh sisters skates strada subaru_nakajima sword takamachi_nanoha teana_lanster thighhighs tonfa tre_(nanoha) twintails uniform uno_(nanoha) very_long_hair vita vivio waist_cape weapon wendi_(nanoha) white_background white_hair wings wolf_ears x_hair_ornament yagami_hayate zest_grangeitz
4boys 6+girls ahoge animal_ears asymmetrical_legwear bardiche blonde_hair blue_hair bow brown_hair cape caro_ru_lushe chrono_harlaown coat dual_wielding energy_sword erio_mondial familiar fate_testarossa fingerless_gloves forehead_jewel gauntlets ginga_nakajima gloves hair_ornament hat headband highres jacket klarwind levantine lyrical_nanoha magazine_(weapon) magical_boy magical_girl mahou_shoujo_lyrical_nanoha_strikers minigirl multiple_boys multiple_girls open_clothes open_coat open_jacket orange_hair pink_hair ponytail purple_hair raising_heart red_bow red_hair reinforce_zwei revolver_knuckle schach_nouera shamal signum single_fingerless_glove single_gauntlet single_glove single_thighhigh strada subaru_nakajima sword takamachi_nanoha teana_lanster thighhighs tonfa twintails verossa_acous vita waist_cape weapon white_hair windenschaft wings wolf_ears x_hair_ornament yagami_hayate zafira
6+girls ahoge armor artist_request blue_hair bodysuit brown_hair cannon cape cinque_(nanoha) coat covered_navel deed_(nanoha) dieci_(nanoha) due_(nanoha) facial_mark glasses grin hairband headband highres huge_weapon inline_skates long_hair long_sleeves looking_at_viewer lyrical_nanoha machinery mahou_shoujo_lyrical_nanoha_strikers military military_uniform multiple_girls nove_(nanoha) numbers_(nanoha) one_eye_closed open_clothes open_coat otto_(nanoha) ponytail purple_hair quattro_(nanoha) red_hair roller_skates roman_numerals sein_(nanoha) sette_(nanoha) short_hair simple_background skates smile sword tre_(nanoha) uniform uno_(nanoha) very_long_hair weapon wendi_(nanoha) white_background
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cinque, deed, dieci, due, nove, and others (lyrical nanoha and mahou shoujo lyrical nanoha strikers)

cinque, deed, dieci, due, nove, and others (lyrical nanoha and mahou shoujo lyrical nanoha strikers)

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