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6+boys 6+girls amagi_yukiko androgynous bangs bare_legs bike_shorts black_hair blue_hair breasts brown_hair card chair copyright_name crossdressing dual_persona everyone finger_to_mouth floating_card folding_chair glasses grey_hair grin gun hanamura_yousuke hand_on_headwear height_difference himiko_(persona_4) izanagi jacket jacket_on_shoulders jiraiya_(persona_4) jolly_roger katana kintoki-douji kneehighs knife konohana_sakuya kujikawa_rise kuma_(persona_4) legs long_hair long_sleeves looking_at_viewer multiple_boys multiple_girls narukami_yuu one_eye_closed pants persona persona_4 red_hair reverse_trap revolver satonaka_chie school_uniform serafuku serious shirogane_naoto shoes short_hair skirt smile smirk socks standing straight_hair sukuna_hikona sword take-mikazuchi tatsumi_kanji thighhighs tomboy tomoe_(persona_4) weapon xxvsxx zettai_ryouiki
4boys 4girls :< amagi_yukiko bare_legs bear belt blush bow breasts cabbie_hat chair copyright_name everyone fan finger_to_mouth flat_chest folding_chair genderswap gun hanamura_yousuke hat height_difference hoodie houndstooth kujikawa_rise kuma_(persona_4) large_breasts legs long_hair looking_at_viewer multiple_boys multiple_girls narukami_yuu o3o one_eye_closed pants persona persona_4 ponytail revolver satonaka_chie scar school_uniform serafuku shirogane_naoto shoes short_hair skirt tatsumi_kanji weapon widow's_peak xxvsxx zipper
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    Does this artist draw for CLAMP or something?