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Series: Kantai Collection & Moomin - The Melancholy of Muppo-chan (Sazanami Konami)

Author : Sazanami Konami
Original Title : むっぽちゃんの憂鬱

(o)_(o) blue_background bound collar commentary cover cover_page highres horns kantai_collection long_hair looking_at_viewer moomin moomintroll muppo northern_ocean_hime rope sazanami_konami shinkaisei-kan sidelocks solo tail thought_bubble translated
(o)_(o) 1girl butterfly_net ceiling ceiling_light cicada clothes_hanger collar comic commentary directional_arrow hand_net horns insect kantai_collection mittens moomin muppo northern_ocean_hime sazanami_konami shaded_face shinkaisei-kan sidelocks sweatdrop towel
1girl ? air_conditioner artist_name comic commentary controller curtains greyscale highres kantai_collection long_hair mittens monochrome muppo northern_ocean_hime remote_control sazanami_konami screw screwdriver shinkaisei-kan sidelocks thought_bubble translated twitter_username
(o)_(o) 1girl artist_name collar comic commentary food greyscale highres horns ice_cream kantai_collection long_hair mittens monochrome moomin muppo northern_ocean_hime peeling sazanami_konami shinkaisei-kan sidelocks translated twitter_username
1girl artist_name cicada collar collision comic commentary emphasis_lines flying greyscale highres horns insect kantai_collection long_hair mittens monochrome moomin muppo northern_ocean_hime opening_door sazanami_konami sidelocks sliding_doors translated twitter_username washing_machine
(o)_(o) 1girl architecture banner bird collar commentary crest directional_arrow east_asian_architecture highres horns kantai_collection long_hair mittens moomin moomintroll muppo northern_ocean_hime photo_(object) sazanami_konami security_camera shinkaisei-kan shoebill sidelocks sign standing statue tail tile_roof traffic_cone translated very_long_hair white_hair window
1girl baramos baramos_(cosplay) cape comic commentary cosplay curtains dragon_quest dragon_quest_iii halloween halloween_costume helmet horned_headwear horns jewelry kantai_collection long_sleeves mittens moomin moomintroll muppo necklace northern_ocean_hime robe sazanami_konami shinkaisei-kan solo wooden_floor
=_= closed_eyes commentary greyscale horns kantai_collection monochrome moomin muppo northern_ocean_hime sazanami_konami signature tail translated twitter_username
commentary greyscale half-closed_eyes horns kantai_collection long_hair monochrome moomin muppo northern_ocean_hime sazanami_konami shinkaisei-kan simple_background translated
(o)_(o) 1girl candy collar comic commentary_request dated eating food food_on_face holding holding_food horns kantai_collection long_hair mittens monochrome moomin moomintroll muppo northern_ocean_hime pocky_day pretz sazanami_konami sidelocks solo translated white_background you're_doing_it_wrong
(o)_(o) bowl cereal comic commentary_request highres holding horns kantai_collection long_hair milk_carton mittens monochrome moomin muppo northern_ocean_hime revision sazanami_konami shinkaisei-kan spoon translation_request twitter_username
2girls 3girls breasts cash_register chair character_request collar comic commentary desk drinking_straw employee_uniform food fruit highres horns kantai_collection long_hair moomin multiple_girls muppo name_tag northern_ocean_hime open_mouth sazanami_konami short_hair short_sleeves sidelocks smile sparkle squiggle translated uniform watermelon
animal_print apartment backpack bag bear_print cable cellphone closed_eyes comic commentary door hat highres horns iphone kantai_collection mittens monochrome moomin muppo nightcap northern_ocean_hime one_eye_closed pajamas phone sazanami_konami sleepy smartphone solo translated window
!? (o)_(o) 1girl bookshelf collar comic commentary computer_keyboard computer_mouse highres horns kantai_collection long_hair mittens monitor monochrome moomin muppo northern_ocean_hime radio sazanami_konami shinkaisei-kan sidelocks sitting solo tail translated twitter_username
2girls ? blush chair changing_clothes changing_room collar comic commentary desk employee_uniform fever highres horns kantai_collection long_hair long_sleeves moomin multiple_girls muppo nagato_(kantai_collection) northern_ocean_hime office_chair open_clothes open_shirt pointing sazanami_konami shinkaisei-kan shirt sidelocks sitting sweatdrop thermometer translated uniform very_long_hair
! !? (o)_(o) 2girls bottle box breasts collar comic commentary employee_uniform febreze hair_between_eyes hair_over_shoulder hand_to_own_mouth highres holding holding_box horns kantai_collection large_breasts long_hair long_sleeves mittens moomin multiple_girls muppo nagato_(kantai_collection) name_tag northern_ocean_hime pants sazanami_konami shaded_face shinkaisei-kan spray spray_bottle sweatdrop tail translated trembling twitter_username uniform
(o)_(o) 1girl apartment artist_name balcony collar comic commentary highres horns kantai_collection long_hair mittens moomin muppo northern_ocean_hime opening_door rain rainbow sandals sazanami_konami shinkaisei-kan solo splashing translated water wet window
1girl >_< arms_up artist_name balcony chopsticks closed_eyes collar comic commentary computer cup_ramen cushion highres horns kantai_collection long_hair mittens moomin muppo sazanami_konami shinkaisei-kan sidelocks sitting soda_bottle solo stretch television translated twitter_username
(o)_(o) 1girl artist_name bookshelf cellphone collar comic commentary computer computer_keyboard computer_mouse desk frayed_cable highres horns iphone kantai_collection long_hair mittens monitor moomin muppo phone sazanami_konami shinkaisei-kan sidelocks sitting smartphone solo stool tail translated twitter_username
2girls beer_mug blush_stickers chopsticks collar comic commentary eating elbows_on_table fish glass hair_between_eyes highres horn horns kantai_collection long_hair long_sleeves mittens moomin multiple_girls muppo nagato_(kantai_collection) open_mouth sazanami_konami scarf shinkaisei-kan shirt short_sleeves sitting soda_bottle spring_onion squid t-shirt tail translated wallet