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Series: Pokemon - All the Comforts of Poke Balls

A series of enhanced Poké Ball images showing the inside of a Poké Ball with homely appliances, environments, and/or comforts.
Trivia: The Original Japanese Title for these images is "Hikkikomori Pikachu", or "Shut-in Pikachu".

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bed book carpet chair chun-li desk game_console light minimized no_humans open_poke_ball pikachu poke_ball pokemon potty ruun_(abcdeffff) shelf street_fighter super_famicom television
3d asahina_mikuru bed cabinet cameo computer figure great_ball hirasawa_yui k-on! laptop minimized nagato_yuki no_humans open_poke_ball pantyhose pikachu poke_ball pokemon ruun_(abcdeffff) suzumiya_haruhi suzumiya_haruhi_no_yuuutsu television un_tan
1girl bed book bookshelf cabinet chair computer couch joy_(pokemon) minimized open_poke_ball pikachu plant poke_ball pokemon potted_plant robot room ruun_(abcdeffff) television ultra_ball
1girl badminton ball berries bucket car fishing_rod grill house joy_(pokemon) master_ball minimized motor_vehicle open_poke_ball pikachu poke_ball pokemon pond ruun_(abcdeffff) sand_castle sand_sculpture sandbox tree vehicle
3d aquarium bed bottle chandelier cigar couch gold luxury_ball minimized money no_humans open_poke_ball pikachu plant poke_ball pokemon potted_plant potty rug ruun_(abcdeffff) stuffed_animal stuffed_toy television tiger tiger_skin
ankh aura boo candle castle checkered checkered_floor coffin couch dusk_ball koopa_clown_car mario_(series) millennium_puzzle minimized no_humans open_poke_ball pikachu piranha_plant poke_ball pokemon ruun_(abcdeffff) skull super_mario_bros. super_mario_world television the_ring yuu-gi-ou yuu-gi-ou_duel_monsters
1girl bed bellsprout blue_eyes bulbasaur closet controller cosplay game_console game_controller gamepad jigglypuff joy_(pokemon) mario_kart mario_kart_wii minimized open_poke_ball pikachu pikachu_(cosplay) pink_hair plant playing_games poke_ball pokemon potty repeat_ball rug ruun_(abcdeffff) television video_game wii
bamboo fan full_moon futon lantern minimized moon night night_sky no_humans onsen open_poke_ball pikachu poke_ball pokemon potty ruun_(abcdeffff) sky star tatami timer_ball
1girl akiyama_mio chinese_gundam couch hirasawa_yui joy_(pokemon) k-on! kotobuki_tsumugi minimized nakano_azusa open_poke_ball pikachu plant poke_ball pokemon potted_plant potty quick_ball ruun_(abcdeffff) television
cabinet fairy flower forest heal_ball leaf minimized nature no_humans open_poke_ball pikachu plant pokemon ruun_(abcdeffff) television tree water
bed book bookshelf check_translation desk lamp light no_humans note open_poke_ball poke_ball pokemon potty room ruun_(abcdeffff) television translation_request
alligator crocodilian dock fishing fishing_rod holding holding_fishing_rod lure_ball minimized no_humans open_poke_ball orca pikachu poke_ball pokemon potty ruun_(abcdeffff) shack shinryaku!_ikamusume sky swan_boat water
bathroom bone bucket candy candy_cane cherry chocolate door doorknob fish fishing_rod food fruit gintama grill heavy_ball honey honeycomb ice_cream lollipop meat melon minimized no_humans open_poke_ball pikachu pineapple pizza plate poke_ball pokemon pond pooh pooh_(cosplay) potty pudding ruun_(abcdeffff) scroll simple_background soft_serve strawberry watermelon white_background
1girl boat coral dive_ball fish joy_(pokemon) mantine minimized open_poke_ball pikachu poke_ball pokemon ruun_(abcdeffff) ship water
minimized no_humans open_poke_ball pikachu poke_ball pokemon ruun_(abcdeffff) safari_ball tent
1girl earth full_moon joy_(pokemon) minimized moon moon_ball open_poke_ball pikachu poke_ball pokemon ruun_(abcdeffff) space
fish net net_ball no_humans pikachu poke_ball pokemon ruun_(abcdeffff) silk spider_web tree water
20th_century_boys abra bellsprout chair chansey charmander checkered checkered_floor doll dragonair eevee friend_ball horn jigglypuff marill mew monitor no_humans oddish paras pikachu poke_ball pokemon rhydon ruun_(abcdeffff) snorlax squirtle tail tower_of_the_sun
20th_century_boys abra absurdres basketball basketball_hoop bellsprout cake campfire candle car chansey charmander couch dive_ball dragonair dumbbell dusk_ball earth eevee english fast_ball fish fish_tank food friend_ball great_ball heal_ball heavy_ball highres hirasawa_yui honey jigglypuff joy_(pokemon) junsaa_(pokemon) lakitu level_ball love_ball lure_ball luxury_ball mantine marill mario_(series) mario_kart master_ball meat mew minimized moon moon_ball motor_vehicle nest_ball net net_ball nintendo no_humans oddish onsen open_poke_ball paras pikachu poke_ball pokemon potty premier_ball quick_ball racetrack repeat_ball rhydon ruun_(abcdeffff) safari_ball snorlax space squirtle star_(sky) super_mario_bros. television tent timer_ball tonari_no_totoro treadmill tree ultra_ball underwater vehicle water
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