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Collection: Touhou - Army of Momiji

Posts involving many clones of Inubashiri Momiji in a war scenario (battle, construction, war movie parody, whatever). u.s.m.c and chipika frequently use this motif.

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6+girls animal_ears clone commentary_request detached_sleeves energy_sword geonosis gloves gun hat inubashiri_momiji konpaku_youmu lightsaber multiple_girls parody red_eyes rifle short_hair silver_hair star_wars sword tail thighhighs tokin_hat touhou u.s.m.c ufo weapon wolf_ears wolf_tail
5girls aircraft animal_ears ch-47_chinook death_flag detached_sleeves fang hat helicopter highres inubashiri_momiji letterboxed multiple_girls red_eyes short_hair silver_hair tail tokin_hat touhou translated u.s.m.c wolf_ears wolf_tail
(9) 6+girls animal_ears backpack bag blue_eyes blue_hair caterpillar_tracks clone detached_sleeves ground_vehicle gun hair_bobbles hair_ornament hat highres inubashiri_momiji kawashiro_nitori key letterboxed machine_gun mg34 military military_vehicle motor_vehicle multiple_girls panzerkampfwagen_iv red_eyes rika_(touhou) short_hair tail tank tokin_hat touhou touhou_(pc-98) translated twintails u.s.m.c weapon white_hair wolf_ears wolf_tail
4girls animal_ears caterpillar_tracks clone detached_sleeves fire geta gun half-track hat inubashiri_momiji letterboxed military military_vehicle mp40 multiple_girls navel red_eyes rifle sandals sdkfz_251 short_hair silver_hair submachine_gun tail tokin_hat touhou translated u.s.m.c weapon wolf_ears wolf_tail
1girl angry animal_ears bunbunmaru car commentary detached_sleeves fake_screenshot ground_vehicle gun hat humvee inubashiri_momiji military military_vehicle motor_vehicle news parody red_eyes short_hair silver_hair solo tokin_hat touhou translated u.s.m.c weapon wolf_ears
3girls 88_flak animal_ears cannon clone flak geta gun inubashiri_momiji letterboxed midriff military multiple_girls sitting skirt tail tengu-geta touhou translated u.s.m.c war weapon wolf_ears wolf_tail
4girls alternate_costume caterpillar_tracks clone ground_vehicle gun inubashiri_momiji kawashiro_nitori machine_gun military military_vehicle motor_vehicle multiple_girls panzerkampfwagen_iv tank touhou tsubasa_(abchipika) two_side_up weapon
2girls aircraft animal_ears browning_m2 english fatigues gun heavy_machine_gun helmet highres inubashiri_momiji machine_gun military military_uniform mq-9_reaper multiple_girls red_eyes tail touhou typo u.s.m.c uav uniform weapon wolf_ears wolf_tail
6+girls absurdres animal_ears clone crane factory fisheye green_eyes green_hair hair_bobbles hair_ornament hat highres inubashiri_momiji kawashiro_nitori kettenkrad key military military_vehicle multiple_girls perspective red_eyes short_hair submarine tail tokin_hat touhou translated twintails two_side_up u.s.m.c watercraft white_hair windowboxed wolf_ears wolf_tail
6+girls animal_ears car dowsing_rod gap ground_vehicle gun hat humvee inubashiri_momiji left-hand_drive machine_gun motor_vehicle mouse mouse_ears multiple_girls nazrin shameimaru_aya tail tokin_hat touhou u.s.m.c weapon wolf_ears wolf_tail yakumo_yukari yukkuri_shiteitte_ne
3girls aircraft animal_ears brown_eyes caterpillar_tracks ground_vehicle gun helicopter inubashiri_momiji military military_vehicle motor_vehicle multiple_girls power_lines tank tiger_i touhou tsubasa_(abchipika) weapon white_hair wolf_ears
5girls aircraft alternate_costume animal_ears armored_personnel_carrier assault_rifle blush bone breasts call_of_duty call_of_duty:_black_ops cleavage condom contemporary dog_tags ears_through_headwear explosive grenade gun hakurei_reimu helicopter helmet highres inubashiri_momiji kimeemaru kirisame_marisa letterboxed m113 m16 m60 machine_gun medium_breasts military military_vehicle multiple_girls no_bra no_pants open_clothes open_shirt panties parody red_eyes rifle shirt short_hair sleeves_rolled_up smoke smoke_grenade striped striped_panties tengu touhou translated u.s.m.c uh-1_iroquois underwear vietnam_war weapon white_hair wolf_ears world_witches_series yukkuri_shiteitte_ne
2girls animal_ears bike_shorts binoculars clone detached_sleeves gun hat inubashiri_momiji m24 multiple_girls rifle short_hair sniper sniper_rifle sniper_team sweatdrop tail tokin_hat touhou translated u.s.m.c weapon white_hair wolf_ears wolf_tail
3girls aircraft animal_ears ch-53 gun hat helicopter inubashiri_momiji multiple_girls rifle short_hair sniper_rifle tokin_hat touhou tsubasa_(abchipika) weapon white_hair wolf_ears yellow_eyes
300 6+girls animal_ears aspis clone hat hoplite inubashiri_momiji leaf lowres multiple_girls oekaki open_mouth parody phalanx shield soldier sword touhou tsubasa_(abchipika) war weapon wolf_ears
1girl army cannon geta inubashiri_momiji shield solo sword touhou tsubasa_(abchipika) water waterfall weapon
2girls at4 caterpillar_tracks city clone ground_vehicle highres inubashiri_momiji m1_abrams main_battle_tank military military_vehicle motor_vehicle multiple_girls rocket_launcher rpg ruins tank touhou tsubasa_(abchipika) weapon
3girls animal_ears battleship binoculars blue_hair cloud firing fleet hair_bobbles hair_ornament hat head_only highres hill holding inubashiri_momiji kawashiro_nitori looking_away md5_mismatch military military_vehicle multiple_girls ocean pom_pom_(clothes) ship short_hair silver_hair sky smoke tokin_hat touhou tsubasa_(abchipika) two_side_up warship water watercraft wolf_ears
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