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Collection: Badass Adorable

For those pictures that would go into the Badass pool if it weren't for the fact that it's so damned cute. In other words, it makes you break down and go "Aww, who's a widdle asskicker? Who's a widdle asskicker?"
No "HHHHNNNNNNGGG" inducing-ness necessary, but it can make for a convenient bonus.

1girl animal_ears bunny_ears chibi dual_wielding gun handgun hs2000 lavender_hair long_hair machine_pistol magpul_fmg-9 nanaroku_(fortress76) necktie pinky_out pistol red_eyes reisen_udongein_inaba socks solo submachine_gun touhou very_long_hair weapon
2girls blonde_hair chibi controller enhan ford ford_f-100 ground_vehicle hakurei_reimu kirisame_marisa lowres monster_truck motor_vehicle multiple_girls oekaki remote_control touhou toy truck
1girl blue_eyes bob_cut cherry_blossoms chibi ghost grey_eyes hairband konpaku_youmu konpaku_youmu_(ghost) lowres one_eye_closed one_knee short_hair solo sword touhou uki_(room_405) weapon white_hair
! /\/\/\ 1girl :> all_fours blush chibi ex-keine green_hair highres horns kamishirasawa_keine kokka_han long_hair red_eyes ribbon slit_pupils solo tail touhou younger
1girl chibi ex-keine green_hair horn_ribbon horns kamishirasawa_keine kokka_han looking_back moon night red_eyes ribbon solo tail touhou
1girl barefoot blush bomb caltrops candy commentary_request detached_sleeves food geta grappling_hook hat hatchet highres inubashiri_momiji kneeling kunai looking_at_viewer nose_hatchet red_eyes rope sankuma shield short_hair silver_hair solo sword tengu-geta tokin_hat touhou weapon
2girls :< balloon blue_eyes chibi daikon ekus_(xo_ekus) ghost hairband katana konpaku_youmu konpaku_youmu_(ghost) multiple_girls radish short_hair silver_hair sword touhou weapon yukkuri_shiteitte_ne
1girl adapted_costume alternate_costume bow cape casing_ejection eyes hair_bow long_hair midriff pile_bunker red_eyes reiuji_utsuho sankuma shell_casing shirt shorts solo tied_shirt touhou weapon wings
2girls chopsticks dendrobium_schema eating food freezer gundam gundam_0083 hexagon konpaku_youmu kooribata microwave multiple_girls noodles parody road_sign saigyouji_yuyuko saigyouji_yuyuko's_fan_design sankuma shippou_(pattern) sign soba touhou washing_machine
1girl arm_cannon blue_hair cucumber hat kawashiro_nitori key mecha_musume one-piece_swimsuit open_mouth sankuma school_swimsuit smile solo swimsuit touhou two_side_up weapon
1boy armor blazblue blue_hair chibi faceless hakumen huge_weapon long_hair male_focus mask ponytail reku scabbard sheath solo spiked_hair standing sword translated weapon white_hair
1girl angry bow butterfly chibi fire fujiwara_no_mokou grey_hair hair_bow highres long_hair open_mouth solo touhou very_long_hair yume_shokunin |_|
1girl aiming_at_viewer arm_cannon black_hair bow eyes hair_bow long_hair o_o red_eyes reiuji_utsuho solo touhou weapon wings yume_shokunin
1girl ayakashi_(monkeypanch) bad_id bad_pixiv_id ghost hairband hitodama katana konpaku_youmu konpaku_youmu_(ghost) red_eyes short_hair silver_hair solo sword touhou weapon
1girl :3 blush_stickers bow chibi drill gameplay_mechanics hat nagae_iku purple_hair solo touhou yume_shokunin
1girl :< bad_id bad_pixiv_id blue_eyes blue_hair chibi eiri_(eirri) gatling_gun gun hair_bobbles hair_ornament hat kawashiro_nitori sleepy solo touhou twintails weapon yukkuri_shiteitte_ne
1girl blue_hair chibi cirno food hebereke_black highres letterboxed popsicle ribbon sky solo sunrise_stance sword touhou wallpaper watermelon_bar weapon
1girl ascot black_hair bow fang gurageida hair_bow hakurei_reimu ofuda red_eyes shide solo touhou twintails
1boy 1girl blonde_hair braid crossover enhan foreshortening gatling_gun gun hat huge_weapon kirisame_marisa lowres metal_slug old_man open_mouth parody shoes side_braid skirt touhou weapon witch witch_hat yellow_eyes
1boy 2girls bokken bousouzoku censored_text chibi_inset delinquent english gotou_yuuko gottouza jiageya_(atojian_keikaku) kogami_akira lucky_star mask mask_removed middle_finger multiple_girls profanity shiraishi_minoru surgical_mask sword weapon wooden_sword