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[APPROVED] Tag implication: holding_pen -> pen Danielx21 Danielx21
[bulk] Holding tag implication page 3 Nitrogen09 Danielx21
[Tags] Agawa Ryou's CG girls Kikimaru Gollgagh
How do I tag this? page 191 Schrobby Provence
Removing tags for some fate characters Goldenevil5 Goldenevil5
[APPROVED] Tag alias: flaming_hair -> fiery_hair Danielx21 DanbooruBot
[REJECTED] Tag implication: ;d -> winking Danielx21 DanbooruBot
Tag implication: hair_down -> alternate_hairstyle user 460797 Kayako
Tag implication: >o< -> :o Hellbus Provence
Tag implication: open_window -> window Danielx21 Danielx21
Tag implication: holding_hammer -> hammer Danielx21 Danielx21
The Incredibly Immense 'Intersex' Implementation Initiative GabrielWB ShadowbladeEdge
Neckwear/Eyewear/Footwear re-tagging page 10 Provence kuuderes shadow
Is there a tag, or should there be? FormerlyJ nonamethanks
Bleach's zanpakutō tags = weapon and personification? Danielx21 Danielx21
Tag alias: robot_ears -> mechanical_ears keonas nonamethanks
Tag implication: mechanical_ears -> robot_ears Azuretan nonamethanks
Tag implication: pikachu_ears -> pokemon_ears Danielx21 Danielx21
[REJECTED] Tag implication: arachne -> centauroid MarqFJA87 MarqFJA87
Tag implication: love_live!_school_idol_festival_all_stars -> love_live! DreamFromTheLayer DreamFromTheLayer
Tag implication: holding_hammer -> holding Danielx21 kuuderes shadow
[REJECTED] Tag implication: pmd-explorers -> pokemon_fushigi_no_dungeon Danielx21 Danielx21
[APPROVED] Tag alias: gray_border -> grey_border Danielx21 DanbooruBot
Tagging Virtual Youtubers Zettamorose feline lump
[REJECTED] Tag implication: collared_dress -> dress Provence Provence
[REJECTED] Tag implication: greaves -> armor Provence Provence
[REJECTED] Tag implication: breast_lift -> breasts Provence Provence
[REJECTED] Tag implication: moderate_pubic_hair -> pubic_hair Provence Type-kun
[REJECTED] Tag implication: blurry_background -> depth_of_field Provence DanbooruBot
[APPROVED] Tag implication: webley-fosbery_automatic_revolver -> revolver MrSusher DanbooruBot
[APPROVED] Tag implication: ammunition_pouch -> pouch Provence DanbooruBot
[APPROVED] Tag implication: scar_on_cheek -> facial_scar Provence DanbooruBot
[REJECTED] Tag implication: teacher_and_student -> teacher Kikimaru DanbooruBot
[APPROVED] Tag implication: tsumami_kanzashi -> kanzashi kuuderes shadow DanbooruBot
[APPROVED] Tag implication: heart_hair_ornament -> heart kuuderes shadow DanbooruBot
[REJECTED] Tag implication: opaque_glasses -> glasses MrSusher DanbooruBot
[REJECTED] Tag implication: front-tie_bikini -> bikini jigo kudani DanbooruBot
[REJECTED] Tag implication: mountainous_horizon -> horizon nonamethanks Type-kun
[APPROVED] Tag implication: text_only_page -> text nonamethanks DanbooruBot
[APPROVED] Tag implication: pussy_juice_drip_through_clothes -> pussy_juice Yamaro DanbooruBot
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