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[APPROVED] Tag implication: bc_freedom_(emblem) -> emblem BrokenEagle98 DanbooruBot
Tag implication: dark_areolae -> areolae user 460797 kuuderes shadow
Tag alias: charlotte_(.flow) -> takibi-san Amoriderefarfalla Amoriderefarfalla
Should *color*_blazer be aliased to *color*_jacket? keonas keonas
Tag implication: swim_trunks -> swimsuit page 2 90sAnimeFan Kikimaru
[Userscript/Prototype] SiteTagSearches BrokenEagle98 BrokenEagle98
Lace trims kuuderes shadow kuuderes shadow
New tag: serval-nee A Sentient JDAM nonamethanks
Fake facial hair Provence Provence
Tag implication: sieg_b_goku_genbu -> zeke_b_arutimetto_genbu sutando sutando
[APPROVED] Tag alias: pantsu_no_hi -> panties_day evazion BrokenEagle98
Replacement Tag for nefertiti_(fate/prototype_fragments) Hyacia Hyacia
My Account: Connection Refused ygm 1 BrokenEagle98
Request for comments: coat and jacket tags (previously "What's the difference between coat and winter_coat?") ☆♪ ion288
Tag implication: beltskirt -> belt keonas keonas
Tag alias: beltskirt -> loose_belt keonas keonas
Unimply ribbon_bondage -> bondage Provence Provence
Renaming basic human features tags kittey nonamethanks
Batch uploader statement timeout ygm 1 ygm 1
Tag implication: zabuton -> cushion Provence Provence
Artist tag change request trucbui kittey
artstation sample SciFi BrokenEagle98
[Bulk] Digimon ReArise and Hacker's Memory G-SANtos G-SANtos
Tag implication: trombone_(sex_act) -> anilingus Provence Provence
Tag alias: kyle_(kairunoburogu) -> kairuhentai Dyrone Dyrone
Excluding pixiv-sourced images christmas christmas
[Userscript] EventListener (flags,appeals,dmails,comments,forums,notes) BrokenEagle98 BrokenEagle98
Tag implication: monster_hunter:_world -> monster_hunter kiyah123 kiyah123
Tag implication: milky_way -> galaxy nonamethanks nonamethanks
[REJECTED] Tag implication: naked_babydoll -> babydoll Oniichanyan Unbreakable
Make post changes user rank sensitive Provence evazion
Hiding the post's score to ANYONE if a post is flagged Provence evazion
Tag alias: tag_force -> yuu-gi-ou_tag_force keonas keonas
Tag alias: center_frills -> frilled_placket Provence Provence
Virtual Youtuber Tag FormX keonas
Tag implication: erection_under_clothes -> bulge c933103 Provence
Remove work_in_progress from Meta category ☆♪ ☆♪
[Guide] A Comprehensive Guide on Improving Your Uploads Mikaeri Sacriven
[REJECTED] suit -> suit_jacket and suit types chinatsu chinatsu
[REJECTED] Tag implication: pink_babydoll -> babydoll Oniichanyan Hillside Moose