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Tag Implication: swimsuit_thief -> clothing_thief Algasir jxh2154
Tag Alias: the_little_prince -> le_petit_prince Evangeline A.K. McDowell jxh2154
Tag Alias: devil_survivor -> megami_ibunroku_devil_survivor Ryas lxs
Tag Implication: sunglasses_on_head -> sunglasses EB jxh2154
Tag implication: suikoden_? -> suikoden kairaa jxh2154
Tag Implication: star_of_david -> hexagram EB jxh2154
Tag Alias: Glint -> Sparkle Dogenzaka jxh2154
Tag implication: kiseru -> pipe Saladofstones jxh2154
Tag discussion: faceplant, face_down EB jxh2154
Tag Alias: fragile -> fragile_dreams D'Eye jxh2154
Tag Alias: madoka_magica -> mahou_shoujo_madoka_magica JONJONAUG jxh2154
tag implication: forked_tongue -> tongue Saladofstones jxh2154
Tag Alias: curled_toes -> toe_scrunch 葉月 jxh2154
Tag Alias: blackrock_shooter -> black_rock_shooter Bapabooiee jxh2154
Tag Alias: wagnaria!! -> working!! NeverGonnaGive jxh2154
Tag Alias: detached_cuffs -> wrist_cuffs hungkok2007 jxh2154
Tag implication: a couple of alternate forms theadonicus jxh2154
Screen vs Monitor Xabid jxh2154
Tag implication: huge_ahoge -> ahoge Saladofstones jxh2154
Implicate torii -> gate Saladofstones jxh2154