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Consolidation for ribbon_choker and neck_ribbon Bapabooiee Cyberia-Mix
What's with the 100 image limit? Warald Shinjidude
description request sakuma 葉月
Issues when uploading images >10MB. Jigsy Log
Unfair Janitor is out to get me, help? (locked) spam 葉月
hat_hold or holding_hat -- New Tag? Katajanmarja Cyberia-Mix
Truth tag -> Truth pool CaptainCappy 0xCCBA696
Should posts like this be parent/child? CaptainCappy glasnost
gelbooru.com (locked) whitren35 evazion
Problems with loli page 2 (locked) spam Roarchu
A standardized tag for hat-less characters? Bapabooiee Cyberia-Mix
Tag Alias: bedsheet → sheets Cyberia-Mix Shinjidude
Tag Implications: open_clothes ultima Shinjidude
Tag Alias: sakichi_suzu -> saki_chisuzu memento mori jxh2154
Tag implication removal: miko_embrace -> kannazuki_no_miko richie jxh2154
Alias: Lightning (FFXIII) KeliraTelian jxh2154
Wiki help pyrolight2 jxh2154
Tag Alias: soryuu_asuka_langely -> souryuu_asuka_langley 10half jxh2154
Tag Cleanup: keyboard / piano page 2 Bapabooiee sgcdonmai
How do you tag this? Roarchu Roarchu
Tag Discussion: moe moe kyun! 葉月 Lokispawn
Tag Implication: mini_piano -> piano Bapabooiee jxh2154
Gloves tags jjj14 jjj14
Tag Alias: areola -> areolae page 2 evazion jxh2154
Tag Alias: god_finger / burning_finger -> shining_finger CaptainCappy KeliraTelian
Polychrome tag. Algasir jxh2154
Tag Alias: back-to-back -> back_to_back Bapabooiee jxh2154
Tag Alias: munyu -> munyuu EB Cyberia-Mix
Tag Alias: tube_top <-> tubetop Evangeline A.K. McDowell jxh2154
Extra aliases for ice_cream Bapabooiee jxh2154
Tag Implications: costume_chart Mazryonh jxh2154
Tag Alias: riding_broom -> broom_riding CaptainCappy jxh2154
Artist alias: whiteshark -> kansousamehada Mr GT jxh2154
Alias/Mass Edit: peach_man <-> pink_voltage Algasir jxh2154
Tag Alias: arm_holding, arm_clutch -> arm_hug Hillside Moose jxh2154
Partially approved sequential pools Cyberia-Mix jxh2154
Tag Alias: rubber_duckie -> rubber_duck nanami jxh2154
New Pool: Touhou Sling Bikini? Mysterio006 jxh2154
Possible security flaw in Danbooru Furvy memento mori
JPEG Filesize Overkill CaptainCappy 0xCCBA696