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photoshop (locked) rey99 LaC
Tag Alias: clannad spoilers nanami albert
Tag Implication: new_year 葉月 albert
Tag Alias: pigtails → twintails page 3 Kayako Elfenus
Tag Alias: monsters to monster page 2 (locked) Kirihaze jxh2154
Tag Alias: cherria -> sakuragi_akira r0d3n7z jxh2154
Faster translation ideas...please share your thoughts page 5 Frevel legga
Tag alias hikikomori -> neet r0d3n7z jxh2154
Tag Alias - Wording Bansho LaC
Biggest tits ever (locked) fireheart thunder fireheart thunder
New Tag: Ordinal? or Sequential? (a tag for post with parent or children post relationships) wereoctopus jxh2154
Tag Alias: earphones/headphones. Tag implication: earbuds -> headphones. paninaro NWF Renim
Tag Alias: super_mario_bros to super_mario_brothers aldeayeah NeverGonnaGive
Changes to commenting - Do Not Bump gone? page 3 jxh2154 jxh2154
Major user interface proposal legga jxh2154
Tag alias: single_thighhigh/one_thighhigh, ETA wristband -> wristbands hytone jxh2154
Danbooru Search-Plugin for Firefox Neo2008 Log
Tag alias: bouncing_breasts -> bounce Algasir legga
Tag Alias: hand_on_hip -> hands_on_hips Shinjidude 葉月
Nipples alias and implication. Elfenus jxh2154
Frequently misused tags 7HS Algasir
Sort by specific tag change time Dashing 葉月
Tag Alias: hadime 葉月 LaC
Tag Implication: barefoot -> feet (locked) スラッシュ 葉月
Some distinction between Loose socks and Leg warmers juunigatsu no usagi juunigatsu no usagi
'Similar' image link broken jxh2154 piespy
Artist Tag Merge: Mercy_Rabbit and Marcy_Rabbit reese Fencedude
Is there any "incentives" for getting new people to the site? (locked) cogesh homeless homo
more Sonic on Danbooru (locked) Jbomb Jbomb
New tag: black_thighhighs tempo albert
Tag Implication: striped_socks 葉月 albert
Wiki Rename: black_rock_shooter Brightlight Brightlight
Tag Alias: ashita_hadocchida! 葉月 0xCCBA696
breasts_akimbo legga legga
Nocchi 葉月 スラッシュ
Tag Alias: on_stomach → on_belly legga jxh2154
Tag Implication: Disgaea phane jxh2154
crouch and squat page 2 juunigatsu no usagi legga
Implication: makenshi_chrona to ambiguous_gender 10half スラッシュ
Tag Alias: leg_warmers and arm_warmers to legwarmers and armwarmers ds2096 jxh2154