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Topic: Deletion request thread

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This seems like an MS-Paint-edit? Is this kind of image supposed to be deleted from danb?

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  • RaisingK

    kuuderes_shadow said:

    Commercially published manga (Osananajimi ni Najimitai, published in Comic Flapper)

    The ToS is a little confusing in this regard.

    You may not upload any of the following:

    • Manga: Uploading entire manga[...] chapters is discouraged.
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  • kuuderes shadow

    RaisingK said:

    The ToS is a little confusing in this regard.

    It is the section for things that are outright banned...

    And I'm sure I've seen Albert specifically say that such images are not accepted for copyright reasons before, but I can't find the thread in question as there are so many discussions on similar topics. I found posts by just about every other mod stating that uploading such images is against the rules, though.

    And if it isn't banned then there would be nothing stopping the site from turning into a site for hosting commercial manga. As far as I'm aware (and I did look) this series is not made freely available anywhere, and the art quality isn't even particularly high for a commercial manga series.

    @albert - can you sort out this potential confusion in the ToS please?

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