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Topic: tag alias: jolly_roger -> skull_and_crossbones

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NWF Renim

Going by wikipedia jolly_roger more or less refers to any pirate flag. The skull_and_crossbones is just apparently the traditional flag, but it isn't restricted to it. It does say "the flag most commonly identified as the Jolly Roger today is the skull and crossbones, a flag consisting of a human skull above two long bones set in an x-mark arrangement on a black field." Also merriam-webster also defines the Jolly Roger as "a black flag with a white skull and crossbones formerly used by pirates as their ensign." Although if you do a google search for "jolly roger" you'll come across plenty of images that are a skull and crossed swords.

There is also a pirate_flag tag as well.

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  • NWF Renim

    Maybe we could use jolly_roger to refer to any emblem or marking to indicate that one is a pirate. pirate_flag would then implicate jolly_roger, since not all of them are going to be flags.

    Skull_and_crossbones is a symbol commonly used, but because it also has meaning outside of piracy (like toxic or poisonous) it would remain independent and only in the context where it would indicate piracy would it also be tagged jolly_roger.

    Skull_and_cross_swords should probably be aliased to skull_and_crossed_swords. Since I'm only aware of this tag as a symbol to indicate piracy, this one might be okay to implicate jolly_roger.

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  • ghostrigger

    ^ if we'll restrict jolly_roger to any emblem or marking to indicate one is a pirate, the tag may need some thorough cleaning as some like post #1124637, etc, may be moved simply to skull_and_crossbones. and just in case, i asked for permission to do so.

    an alternative would be to use jolly_roger as umbrella for any skull and crossed * variants like post #722022 (on the top right corner which appears to be a pharaoh's crossed staves/scepters); or when the time comes for crossed bombs or arrows. however, it seems to be awkward to use jolly_roger on toxic chemical substances.

    the alias
    create alias skull_and_cross_swords -> skull_and_crossed_swords
    might be convenient in the future, but i could voluntarily move them as they're way below the threshold as of now.

    in any case, the implications
    create implication pirate_flag -> jolly_roger
    create implication skull_and_crossed_swords -> jolly_roger
    seem appropriate regardless of jolly_roger's final definition, i guess.

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  • jxh2154

    Did these
    create implication pirate_flag -> jolly_roger
    create implication skull_and_crossed_swords -> jolly_roger

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