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Topic: Forum/comment/post linking added

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I've also added sage functionality to comments.

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  • jxh2154

    You and the quick fixes all the time. Awesome, thanks for that.

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  • albert

    The links for Edit/Next/Previous have been moved to the side bar. I find this more convenient for large images since now I don't have to scroll all the way to the bottom.

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  • jxh2154

    It's going to take me months to adjust though, heh. I just seriously found myself moving my mouse to the bottom of the picture five times in a row, despite each time telling myself "IT'S NOT THERE ANYMORE". It's like some automatic physical reaction I have when a page loads.

    Must, break, habit.

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  • LaC

    Try making the "last" link in the forum topic list more visible. Currently it's too dim, and doesn't look like a link.
    In fact, how about something like "(pages: 1 2 3..8 9 last)"? It'd make the purpose more obvious.

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  • albert

    forum #502:
    I don't really want it to be that visible. And I can't think of that many cases where I'd want to jump to any page besides the first or last page from the index. I think all those extra links just add noise.

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