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Topic: Pixiv upload tutorial needed?

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The process for correctly uploading and attributing Pixiv entries in danbooru is fairly unintuitive and very easy to misinterpret on several points, which... well, shows quite a bit given the amount of people, even Contributors, who completely mess it up, especially when it comes to what address to use as Source, and creating the Artist entry, which is sometimes completely skipped.

This isn't entirely the users fault. The posts detailing the correct methods are buried in the forum and simply do not exist in any of the help sections. Users can't really be blamed for not knowing how to do something they probably had no reason to believe should be done in any special manner. I myself messed up a bit even AFTER searching those posts since I misinterpreted some parts, and I was only aware that there was a specific method because there was a thread about it in the first page at that time.

tl;dr: Shouldn't there be at least a sticky detailing the correct procedure for this stuff in the first page? Mainly because I've already explained this to several people and I'm beginning to fear I'll seem like a pretentious asshole playing Mod.

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  • kristallimeri

    Not to sound condescending, but I'm not sure where the difficulty lies in, apart from the registration perhaps. All you have to do is upload the enlarged image (the presence of which should be fairly obvious, since the actual size of the image is stated right next to it and the whole small-scale image is a link to the larger one) and danbooru does the rest, giving you a proper link that redirects anyone looking for the Source image to the page where the small-scale image is.

    As for creating the artist entries... I think that someone who can't be arsed to check out the Artists > Help page probably won't bother reading a stickied topic in the forums. But I might be wrong, or just misunderstanding the issues you have/had.

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  • Ephyon

    On the first point, there are two major ways to mess that up without knowing:
    -Posting the overal site/profile URL instead of the specific image's (Logical choice if you don't know about how Find Artist works)
    -Posting the url of the sample image instead of the full-scale one (EXTREMELY common mistake, especially as the full-size url usually leads to an error page unless converted by danbooru)

    As for the second: the help section only makes a passing mention of URLs, which anyone could easily take to mean that the site/profile's URL would suffice. There's no way for them to know that they need to place a single, random URL of a single random image from the artist' gallery so that Find Artist works, which is a really major detail. Even more, when you mix it with the second way of messing up the first point, you get a severe mess.

    In addition, things like what to do when the artist's Pixiv handle and the one they use in their own site differ are never mentioned, another important point, as I've found myself creating whole artist entries that were already there simply because the last poster used the Pixiv handle without checking their site.

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  • roastbeefy

    evazion gave me a pretty good tutorial on my first pixiv upload: post #339360

    My problem is naming new artists. By default, I use the name in the url, for example, rawan, but I'm not sure if this is the right thing to do. Everything else is pretty straightforward.

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  • FeKa

    I vote for a tutorial of this. Because I've messed BAD with that too until Ephyon explain me how to do it right.
    Also, another sticky don't hurt and having more info on how to do the things the right way are always welcomed.

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  • Ephyon

    As I understand, you first check if they have a link to their site in their profile. If they do, go with whatever they use on their site, even better if there's a real name (or something that resembles one). If not, I always go with the Pixiv handle and add the _(pixiv####) suffix if the name happens to be too generic. Likewise, if the name in the site is the too generic one, I go with ArtistName_(Site/CircleName).

    Ideally, you shouldn't NEED anyone to give you a tutorial, this stuff should be comprehensively explained here.

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  • roastbeefy

    I'll agree with that. A stickied tutorial in the forum can only help.

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  • reese

    If this tutorial had a clear link on the upload page leading to whatever stickied post or page on the site, I'm all for it. For the record I've found that this site (http://yukkuri.de/smacked/pixiv/) was very useful for helping me upload and tag images from pixiv properly.

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  • 0xCCBA696

    Yara made that site, by the way. ... where is Yara, anyway? Did he change his username?

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  • Snesso

    0xCCBA696 said:
    Yara made that site, by the way. ... where is Yara, anyway? Did he change his username?

    He changed it to Deru.

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  • 葉月

    Again? Does that guy have too much free time or something?

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