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Artist: yozora

(Noted by many users)
Seen in many threads featuring art by the Japanese H-artist Yozora, all of whose girls are vampires, and most of whom sport an enormous penis. Also has drawn some guro of said vampire dickgirls being impaled with crosses or swords. The artist is frequently lambasted for the vast majority of the girls having the exact same facial expression (mouth wide open and displaying fangs, tongue sticking out, undersized and disproportional eyes staring into space or at the camera). Interestingly, since /d/eviants first complained about it, most of the work produced by the artist has the girls with different facial expressions. Whether this is coincidence or word somehow got to Yozora, who then took it as constructive criticism, has not been determined.

Edit: It WAS taken as constructive criticism, and uses this to continue this passion of drawing girls with enormous penises to this very day. Although not many users understand of the lack of ideas yozora uses, creating the same artwork with cute eyes and mouth w/o fangs with the dracula cape to boot, it has never been a personal complaint to Yozora or on Yozora's Oekaki. Yozora remains genderless until someone proves otherwise.



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